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Custom food packaging

From takeaway packaging to catering supplies and food containers. Everything you're looking for to present your food packaged with your own logo or design.

Our food packaging selection

Custom Food Packaging

Businesses do not need elaborate campaigns and complicated marketing strategies to get customers to notice them. Custom printed food packaging is a cost-effective strategy that is sure to increase brand visibility and recognition. As people see these custom food boxes out in public, they will take note and seek out to buy your products.

Communicate Your Brand Via Food Packaging

Well-designed custom food packaging is also an essential marketing tool for business. Brands rarely have the chance to communicate directly with their customers. However, with the use of branded food packaging, they can easily get their message across. They communicate through their custom food boxes' content and design.

Free Exposure Of Your Brand

Forget plain boxes and containers for your food packaging. Custom-printed food packaging makes sure everyone is aware of your business. It raises awareness and generates interest whenever someone carries your custom food boxes out in public. When people see someone enjoying cookies or crisps, they will want to know where their food came from. When they take a quick peek of the personalised food packaging, they know where to get that food from and possibly make an order.

The Importance of Food Packaging

Just like with any other products, proper food packaging plays an important role in your marketing strategy. Aside from promoting your brand and securing your goods, food packaging can greatly impact the environment as well as your customers’ health.

Today, your custom packaging professional, Helloprint, will talk about the vital role of food packaging, not just for your company but for the entire food industry.

How Can Food Packaging offer Protection/Preservation?

Food packaging can slow down food spoilage, retain the enhancing effects of food processing, prolong marketability, and sustain the quality and safety of food. By doing so, you protect your goods from unfavourable external factors such as chemical, biological, and physical hazards. For instance, exposure to gases, usually oxygen or light, can cause changes in the chemical composition of the food. Proper personalised packaging can also lessen microorganism growth, which can be hazardous to your clients’ health. Lastly, custom food packaging helps ensure that food is protected from physical damage such as from shock and impact encountered during distribution.

We offer custom printed food packaging that is made of food-certified materials. For instance, our popular French Fries Boxes are made of a special cardboard material, which makes them food certified. This means that you can put food in them and they will remain in good quality for a long time. Unlike other boxes, which tend to warp when in direct contact with grease, our French Fries Boxes are grease-resistant, allowing them to retain their form for a long period.

How Can Food Packaging Protect The Environment?

Careless packaging can cause food to be exposed to external factors, which can cause it to deteriorate fast, leading to food waste that can impact the environment. Efficient and custom food packaging, however, helps lessen food wastage across the globe, leading to a healthier environment. Fortunately, most of our custom printed food packaging is made of eco-friendly materials, which will surely help sustain Mother Nature.

What is the Purpose of Providing Relevant and Tracking Information?

While food packaging can help raise brand awareness, it also serves as a means to provide useful information. For instance, your personalised food packaging includes an interesting recipe. Your package can also include information such as the legal requirements of your product’s production. Furthermore, content such as your goods’ nutritional value, ingredient declaration, net weight, and manufacturer details, will always be good references.

In addition, the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) or “Food Code”, an organization established by the United Nations as a body responsible for implementing the Food Standards Programme, is working to achieve their objective to improve supply management and to facilitate a way to trace back food for safety and quality purposes. To achieve this, they have food manufacturing companies across the globe to ensure that their foods are traceable. This is where food packaging comes in. Food companies make sure to include unique codes onto their custom printed food packaging, which lets them track down their products throughout the distribution process.

Helloprint takes pride in providing you with high-quality food packaging that will ensure you meet these objectives. Our food packaging is available in various designs and sizes. Just submit your artwork to us based on our required specifications, which can be seen on our website, and we will ensure that all relevant information about your product is included in the food packaging. This will ensure that your goods are CAC compliant.

At the same time, incorporating information about your goods on food packaging can pique the interest of your customers who are health-conscious. At least, this will let them know if the specific nutritional facts noted on your packaging can be helpful to their fitness goals. This will also make them feel that they are valued clients as you are including data that they can check to see if they need to buy a certain quantity of your product or maybe even recommend it to others who may need it.

Entrust your food packaging concerns to our innovative team. Get in touch with us right away via online chat or phone and we will be happy to provide you with a reasonable quote.
  • Easy to upload designs, checked by a human and then verified by myself easily. Great, speedy delivery and sooner than the original timescale. Would thoroughly recommend. You can also get virtually anything printed!

    Colin Warden
  • After previously hand-making the RSVPs for my wedding, which was a) surprisingly expensive and b) very time consuming, my fiancé and I decided to take the plunge and pay for our finalised wedding invites to be printed professionally to save us the time, now that we're both very busy with work and other wedding planning stuff. Came across HelloPrint's website at the weekend and after a few last minute alterations we submitted our final designs on Sunday evening - were sent a digital proof by Monday morning which we confirmed we were happy with, and the finished product (100 cards ordered with envelopes) arrived on our doorstep Tuesday afternoon (today). Absolutely delighted with how well the cards came out, blown away by how fast they arrived (didn't even pay for a rush order - this was a standard delivery!), and very happy with how cheap it was to do (around £40, we spent more on that on ink cartridges making our RSVPs last time!). Highly recommend this company!

  • I had a problem with my delivery not Hello fault, but the service I received was first class in particular Georgia Collingwood great service

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