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Half Fold Menus


Helloprint's half fold menus have a clean and uncomplicated design, but still pack a punch! With an array of finishes and sizes to choose from, these simple yet effective menus are a great choice for everyday restaurant usage. Matte finishes are great for text heavy designs, while glossy finishes can make your mouth-watering visuals pop. We also offer eco-friendly material options if you want to do your bit for the planet.

  • Can be placed upright
  • Eco-friendly option available
  • Over 170 gsm paper may result in cracks in high ink coverage designs around the fold line
Product specifications
Material - Gloss Coated 135 to 350 gsm
- Matte/Silk Coated 90 to 400 gsm
- Writable uncoated 90 to 300 gsm
- Eco-friendly 80 to 300 gsm
Size 10 sizes available
Shape Portrait | Landscape | Square
Print Double-sided | Full colour
Print technique High-quality digital & offset
Design guidelines
We recommend using our templates and guides for preparing your print-ready PDF.

You can download our guides and templates in the template section. Remember to delete the template layers before exporting your design to PDF.

If you already have a design, no worries; we accept other file formats, including JPEG, PNG, or EPS.

For photographic content, high-resolution JPEGs are recommended, preferably without compression. For graphics or text-based content, we recommend print-ready, vector-based PDFs. For content that is a combination of graphics and photography, we suggest using print-ready PDFs to ensure the best quality.

Add 3 mm bleed and keep 4 mm safety margin

During production, there might be a slight cut deviation. To avoid any issues, we recommend the following:

  • Add a 3 mm bleed around all edges of your design.
  • Keep important elements 4 mm away from the edge or folding lines.
  • Avoid using borders or frames on smaller formats like labels or business cards.
Use CMYK as the colour mode.

Prepare your files using CMYK as the colour mode, not RGB. Use colourmode FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2) for coated papertypes and colourmode FOGRA47 (PSO Uncoated ISO12647) for uncoated papertypes. If you are unsure of the colour mode of your file, don't worry we can always convert this for you. Keep in mind this can cause the colours to differ from the original file.

Resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Make sure the resolution of the images and graphics in your artwork are at least 300 dpi.

Text and fonts specifications (Min. font size is 6 pt)

For this product, the minimum font size is 6 pt. To avoid any issues, we recommend the following:

  • Fonts must be embedded or outlined.
  • If your design contains small black text, make sure it is 100 % black (Cyan: 0 Magenta: 0 Yellow: 0 Black: 100).

Note that we don't check spelling or typographical errors.

Check line thickness.

Lines should be at least 0.25 pt. Negative lines should be at least 0.5 pt.

Check your artwork for overprint.

Make sure no elements in your artwork are set on overprint unless you want this effect in your design. You can read more about overprint in our Help Centre.

Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.

Force Colour Images to CMYK with a 260% ink limit (in Photoshop > Convert Colour Profile > Photoshop 5 Default CMYK). Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.

Make sure the alignment and the sequence of the sides are recognizable.

Make sure the alignment and the sequence of the sides are recognizable (we do not check your document in terms of content).

Guide PDF
A4 Half-Fold Landscape (297 x 210 mm) PDF Indesign
A4 Half-Fold (210 x 297 mm) PDF Indesign
A5 Half-Fold (148 x 210 mm) PDF Indesign
A5 Half-Fold Landscape (210 x 148 mm) PDF Indesign
A6 Half-Fold (105 x 148 mm) PDF Indesign
US Half-Fold (99 x 210 mm) PDF Indesign
X-long Half-Fold (105 x 297 mm) PDF Indesign
Large Square Half-Fold (210 x 210 mm) PDF Indesign
Square Medium Half-Fold (148 x 148 mm) PDF Indesign
Small Square Half-Fold (105 x 105 mm) PDF Indesign
Frequently asked questions
What is this product? And what can I use it for?
  • Half Fold Menus are folded sheets of printed paper that can be used to display drink or food menus, introduce people to your business, promote discounts or events, provide information to your customers and share the latest news or deals surrounding your business.

How do I correctly fold my Half Fold Menus?
  • Check out our guide to find out how best to fold your leaflets.

Will my Half Fold Menus be printed on both sides?
  • Yes, Half Fold Menus will be printed on both sides.

Which production techniques do we use?
  • Digital printing: Uses four colours (CMYK) with toners and inks to print digital files. This option is comparable to a large home printer, and is cheaper than Litho printing for smaller quantities. This is because there are fewer starting costs, fewer components involved, and no ink drying time required.

  • Offset Lithography/Litho printing: This technique uses wet ink and aluminium and rubber plates to transfer images and text onto paper sheets, resulting in sharp, vibrant, and consistent prints. While this method may require slightly more setup than digital printing, it's the most cost-effective option for larger print runs.

Why can't I order higher quantities for specific finishes?
  • For specific finishes, digital printing is used, which is best suited for smaller quantities. If your order exceeds 1000 units, please place another order.

I can't find the product I'm looking for. Can I request a quotation?
  • The Half Fold Menus chosen in most cases can be selected via our website.

  • If your material type, weight, quantity, size or other specification is not listed, you can request a quotation. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

  • Depending on the complexity, this can take a bit longer.

Ordering process
Ordering with own design
Choose and configure: Choose the product, select your preferences and your desired delivery time.

Add to cart: Add to cart, review your preferences and edit/duplicate if needed. We recommend opting for Premium Artwork Check.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment & design: Choose your preferred payment method in this step. You can also choose to upload your artwork first and pay at a later stage.

Design check: Upload your design. We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

Sit back and relax!
Using editor design
Choose and configure: Find the best product for you, configure it and choose your delivery time.*

Design in the editor: Now you can upload and edit your artwork, if necessary, with the help of our editors. From here, you can add your product(s) to the cart.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment: Choose your preferred payment method in this step.

Design check: We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

Sit back and relax!

Design your folded leaflets responsibly!

Design your folded leaflets responsibly!

Choose 100% recycled writable paper!
- No trees need to be cut
- Reduce your order's carbon footprint by 25%
- Elevate your brand with eco-friendly choices!

Shape: Portrait

Folded size: A5

Keep in mind: the size you pick is for the folded leaflet! An A5 half-fold folds out from an A4, and a tri-fold shrinks an A4 to a sleek DL. Perfect sizing, every fold.

Estimated delivery date

Upload and approve your files before: Monday, 22 April 2024 17:00

£35.99 Excl. VAT

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Your quote has been sent!

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Folded size

What material can I choose for my flyers?

    • Glossy

      Glossy: The glossy finish gives the paper a subtle sheen. It's perfect for photographs as the colours show up quite vivid.

    • Matte

      Matte: The matte finish is quite subtle and is perfect if your design is text-heavy.

    • Uncoated

      Offset | Writable: This paper is uncoated, which means that it's possible to write on your paper. This is perfect if you need your customers to write on your paper, perhaps to fill in some information.

    • Recycled

      Recystar Nature: 100% recycled paper and sustainably produced. The natural white colour gives the print a natural look.


What paper can I use for my Half Fold Menus?

    • 135gsm Silk

      120-135 gsm is the most common choice since it’s lightweight, easy to distribute, and less prone to crinkling when compared to regular printing paper, which is about 1.5x thinner. This option is a bargain for businesses with a small marketing budget because it can be arranged at a price that’s convenient for sharing with many people without breaking the bank.

      135gsm Silk
    • 170gsm Silk

      170 gsm paper is often chosen for conferences and trade shows. Being about 2x thicker than standard printing paper, their sturdiness makes them an attractive option for professional gatherings.

      170gsm Silk
    • 250gsm Silk

      250-300 gsm paper is often used by the hospitality and retail industries. This paper type is 3x thicker than standard printing paper, making it feel extremely sturdy.

      250gsm Silk
    • 400gsm Silk

      400 gsm paper is the most premium option, but can still be ordered at an economical price. At 4x the thickness of standard printing paper, this choice guarantees a robust and luxurious appearance, which is great for special occasions or events.

      400gsm Silk