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Personalised and Custom Lanyards

Personalised Lanyards are a must-have for your company. Choose from our range of styles and customize your lanyards easily with HelloPrint.

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What our UK Customers say about our Personalised Lanyards

  • 11.06.2024

    Great service and a quality product

    Great service and a quality product

    Paul Lewis
  • 11.06.2024

    Really impressed

    Really impressed, arrived on time and considering the low quality imagenI provided it looks fantastic

    Oliver Picken
  • 11.06.2024

    Good quality print delivered on time

    Good quality print delivered on time! Reliable.

  • 10.06.2024

    Fantastic quick and easy professional…

    Fantastic quick and easy professional printing.

  • 10.06.2024

    Excellent work

    Excellent work, prompt delivery and affordable. Thank you!

    Charlotte Storrs of Charlotte Storrs Stoneware
  • 10.06.2024

    Reasonable prices and speedy delivery

    Reasonable prices and speedy delivery


Discover the Perfect Personalised Lanyards with HelloPrint

Welcome to HelloPrint, your ultimate destination for personalised lanyards that make a statement. Whether you're planning a corporate event, organising a school function, or looking to enhance your brand's visibility, our customised lanyards are the perfect solution. With a variety of styles, colours, and materials, HelloPrint offers high-quality lanyards that cater to all your needs.

Why Choose Personalised Lanyards?

Personalised lanyards are more than just a convenient way to carry ID badges or keys; they are a powerful branding tool. At HelloPrint, we understand the importance of creating a cohesive and professional image for your organisation. Our lanyards can be tailored with your logo, company name, or any custom design, ensuring that your brand stands out at every event.

Easy Customisation Process

Creating your personalised lanyards with HelloPrint is simple and straightforward. Our intuitive design tool allows you to upload your logo, choose your preferred colours, and add any text you desire. You can preview your design before finalising your order, giving you confidence that your lanyards will meet your expectations.

High-Quality Materials and Printing

At HelloPrint, we prioritise quality. Our lanyards are made from durable materials that are comfortable to wear and built to last. We use advanced lanyard printing techniques, such as screen printing and dye sublimation, to ensure vibrant and long-lasting designs. Whether you need printed lanyards for daily office use or a one-time event, our products are designed to withstand the rigours of regular use.

Fast and Reliable Service

We understand that timing is crucial, especially when preparing for events. HelloPrint offers fast turnaround times and reliable shipping, ensuring that your lanyards arrive when you need them. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you with any questions or special requests, making your experience with us seamless and hassle-free.

Versatile Uses for Personalised Lanyards

Personalised lanyards are incredibly versatile. They are essential for corporate events, trade shows, and conferences, helping attendees easily identify staff and participants. In schools and universities, lanyards enhance security and foster a sense of unity among students and staff. They are also popular in healthcare settings for holding ID badges and access cards.

Eco-Friendly Options

At HelloPrint, we are committed to sustainability. We offer eco-friendly lanyard options made from recycled materials, helping you reduce your environmental footprint. Our eco-friendly lanyards maintain the same high-quality standards, ensuring you don't have to compromise on quality or design.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your satisfaction is our priority. We take pride in delivering products that meet and exceed your expectations. With HelloPrint, you can be confident that your personalised lanyards will be of the highest quality, making a lasting impression on everyone who sees them.

Explore our wide range of lanyards today and discover how easy it is to create a product that perfectly represents your brand. Whether you need a few lanyards for a small event or thousands for a large conference, HelloPrint is your trusted partner for all your lanyard needs. Start designing your personalised lanyards with us and experience the HelloPrint difference!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Custom Lanyards

What are lanyards used for?

Lanyards are versatile straps worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry items such as ID badges, keys, or access cards. They are popular in workplaces, events, and schools for keeping essentials handy and easily accessible. HelloPrint offers a variety of lanyards to suit your needs, whether for personal use or large-scale events.

Why choose personalised lanyards?

Personalised lanyards add a unique touch to your event or organisation, showcasing your brand or message. At HelloPrint, you can customise lanyards with logos, text, or colours to match your branding, ensuring a professional and cohesive look. They make great promotional items and help enhance security by clearly identifying staff and attendees.

How can I create custom lanyards?

Creating custom lanyards with HelloPrint is easy. Simply select your preferred style, upload your logo or design, and choose your colours. Our user-friendly design tool allows you to preview your lanyard before ordering, ensuring it meets your expectations. Custom lanyards are perfect for events, corporate branding, and giveaways.

Where can I buy lanyards in the UK?

HelloPrint offers a wide selection of lanyards available for purchase online in the UK. We provide fast shipping and high-quality products to meet your needs. Whether you need lanyards for an event, office, or school, our range of customisable options ensures you'll find the perfect solution.

What are printed lanyards?

Printed lanyards feature designs, logos, or text directly printed onto the strap. HelloPrint offers high-quality printed lanyards that are durable and vibrant, ensuring your branding stands out. Ideal for events, conferences, and promotional activities, our printed lanyards can be customised to match your specific requirements.

How does lanyard printing work?

Lanyard printing at HelloPrint involves using advanced printing techniques to transfer your design onto the lanyard material. You can choose from various printing methods, including screen printing and dye sublimation, to achieve the desired look. Our team ensures high-quality results, making your lanyards eye-catching and professional.

Why are branded lanyards important?

Branded lanyards enhance brand visibility and recognition at events and within organisations. HelloPrint's branded lanyards can be customised with your logo and brand colours, making them an effective marketing tool. They help create a cohesive brand image and are useful for security, identification, and promotional purposes.

Do you offer lanyard printing services?

Yes, HelloPrint offers comprehensive lanyard printing services. Our easy-to-use design tool allows you to create customised lanyards with your branding, logo, or message. We ensure high-quality printing and fast turnaround times, making it convenient for businesses and event organisers to get their custom lanyards quickly and efficiently.

Are "landyards" the same as lanyards?

Yes, "landyards" is likely a misspelling of "lanyards." At HelloPrint, we offer a variety of high-quality lanyards suitable for different purposes, including events, office use, and promotional activities. Explore our range of customisable lanyards to find the perfect fit for your needs, and ensure your brand stands out.

What can I find at the lanyard shop?

At HelloPrint's lanyard shop, you can find a wide selection of lanyards, including custom, printed, and branded options. We offer various styles, colours, and materials to suit different needs. Whether you need lanyards for events, office use, or as promotional items, our shop provides high-quality solutions tailored to your specifications.

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