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Laptop Stickers


Looking for something to make your laptop more personal or have your company branding on all employees laptops? Then look no further, this simple and cost-effective option is for you! Choose a preselected size or create your own shape with our custom cut laptop stickers and let this product help you to stand out from the crowd while you work! Laptop stickers are laminated in either gloss or matte for extra durability and have a lifespan of 2-3 years.

  • Durable and long lasting options
  • Perfect for laptops
Product specifications
Material White Polymer | Transparent Polymer
Finishing Matte laminated
Gloss laminated
Size Custom size
Thickness 75 um poly
Print technique Digital
Corners Straight or rounded corners
Design guidelines
We recommend using our templates and guides for preparing your print-ready PDF.

You can download our guides and templates in the template section. Remember to delete the template layers before exporting your design to PDF.

If you already have a design, no worries; we accept other file formats, including JPEG, PNG, or EPS.

For photographic content, high-resolution JPEGs are recommended, preferably without compression. For graphics or text-based content, we recommend print-ready, vector-based PDFs. For content that is a combination of graphics and photography, we suggest using print-ready PDFs to ensure the best quality.

Here you can find the customised submission specifications for contour cutting.

If you want your product to be cut to a custom shape, you will have to add it as a vector shape on top of your design. Make sure the width of the stroke is 1 pt, the colour is a 100% magenta spot and named "cutcontour". You only need to add one contour line. If you want us to adjust it for you, please send the custom shape on a separate page in the desired position.

Please note that bleed is still needed for custom shaped designs, meaning your design must go at least 5 mm past the contour cut line.

Use CMYK as the colour mode.

Prepare your files using CMYK as the colour mode, not RGB. Use colourmode FOGRA39 (ISO Coated v2). If you are unsure of the colour mode of your file, don't worry we can always convert this for you. Keep in mind this can cause the colours to differ from the original file.

Resolution of at least 150 dpi.

Make sure the resolution of the images and graphics in your artwork are at least 150 dpi.

Add 5 mm bleed and keep 10 mm safety margin

During production, there might be a slight cut deviation. To avoid any issues, we recommend the following:

  • Add a 5 mm bleed around all edges of your design.
  • Keep important elements 10 mm away from the edge or folding lines.
Text and fonts specifications (Min. font size is 12 pt)

For this product, the minimum font size is 12 pt. To avoid any issues, we recommend the following:

  • Fonts must be embedded or outlined.
  • If your design contains small black text, make sure it is 100 % black (Cyan: 0 Magenta: 0 Yellow: 0 Black: 100).

Note that we don't check spelling or typographical errors.

Lines should be at least 3 pt.

The lines should be at least 3 pt.

Check your artwork for overprint.

Make sure no elements in your artwork are set on overprint unless you want this effect in your design. You can read more about overprint in our Help Centre.

Contour cutting manual PDF
Laptop Sticker - 240 x 160 mm PDF Indesign
Laptop Sticker - 300 x 200 mm PDF Indesign
Laptop Sticker - 320 x 210 mm PDF Indesign
Laptop Sticker - 330 x 240 mm PDF Indesign
Frequently asked questions
What is this product? And what can I use it for?
  • Vinyl stickers are frequently used as promotional material. A vinyl sticker is similar to a normal sticker, however, a vinyl sticker is suitable for outdoor use. The stickers have a plastic-like structure and are great for advertising your brand.

  • This product can be used to make your laptop more personal or for company banding across all your employees computers.

What is the fastest possible turnaround?
  • The fastest possible turnaround varies depending on the specifications you select, and will always be stated at the bottom of the page. To make sure that your order is delivered at the indicated time, it is important that we receive your file with your design for the product by the stated cut-off time. This way, the product can be moved into production promptly.
    Please note: The delivery date shifts a day every time the deadline for submission has passed. This is also the case if the file is rejected by us and corrected artwork isn't submitted before the next cut-off time.

Which production techniques do we use?
  • UV-print: The product is printed with eco-friendly UV ink, which is immediately cured with a UV light. Curing ensures that the wet ink doesn't spread once printed, offering sharper quality prints.

  • Latex-print: The film is printed with eco-friendly latex inks. These inks are water based and doesn't contain harmful substances. The latex film is very secure and sturdy, and will be placed on top of the material.

What materials can I choose from?
  • Polymer White (2-3 years, 75 μm): Provides good coverage on a coloured surface, has an insoluble adhesive layer and is rain and sun resistant. The adhesive is environmentally friendly and has a long lifecycle.

  • Transparant Polymer (2-3 years, 75 μm): Perfect for windows and glass panels, has an insoluble adhesive layer and is rain and sun resistant. The adhesive is environmentally friendly and has a long lifecycle.

    Note: Keep in mind that if you choose a matte lamination, it reduces the transparancy of the stickers, giving it a cloudy effect.

Can transparent stickers be printed with a white design?
  • No, but if you'd like your transparent stickers to be printed with a white design, please contact our quotes team.

Do all labels have a break line on the back?
  • Not all stickers have a break line. For production reasons, the break line cannot be guaranteed for our individual stickers. If you require stickers to have a break line, please request a quote.

Which carriers are used for the delivery?
  • For the delivery of Laptop Stickers, we use our most reliable carriers which, in most cases, are UPS or DPD.

  • We also use DHL and our own courier service. However, these carriers are only used for certain products (depending on the size, the turnaround and the quantity).

Can Laptop Stickers be used outdoors?
  • We would not recommend using Laptop Stickers outdoors. If you want to use a sticker outside, we recommend using one of ours 90 grams white or transparent PVC. Keep in mind that the lifespan of the labels is influenced by the weather conditions. A label that is used outside has a shorter lifespan than a label used inside.

Ordering process
Ordering with own design
Choose and configure: Choose the product, select your preferences and your desired delivery time.

Add to cart: Add to cart, review your preferences and edit/duplicate if needed. We recommend opting for Premium Artwork Check.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment & design: Choose your preferred payment method in this step. You can also choose to upload your artwork first and pay at a later stage.

Design check: Upload your design. We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

Sit back and relax!
Using editor design
Choose and configure: Find the best product for you, configure it and choose your delivery time.*

Design in the editor: Now you can upload and edit your artwork, if necessary, with the help of our editors. From here, you can add your product(s) to the cart.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment: Choose your preferred payment method in this step.

Design check: We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

Sit back and relax!


The minimum and maximum size depends on the chosen options and materials. It is mentioned under the width and height. Do you want to print a different size? Request a quote here!

10 cm - 148 cm

Please enter sizes as whole numbers without decimals (e.g. 10 or 15).

10 cm - 1500 cm

Please enter sizes as whole numbers without decimals (e.g. 10 or 15).

Your print is larger then 1500 x 148 cm. That means we need to divide it into two or more pieces. You can still continue, but wanted to give you heads up about this. If you need our assistance, feel free to request a quote here.

Whoops! It seems like this size exceeds our limitations. For different sizes, you can request a quote here.

Or choose one of our standard sizes


Finish: Glossy finish

Estimated delivery date

Upload and approve your files before: Monday, 22 April 2024 13:30

£33.81 Excl. VAT

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Your quote has been sent!

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What materials do we offer?

    • Transparent 2-3 years

      Polymer 75 μm: Perfect for windows and glass panels, featuring an insoluble adhesive layer and resistance to rain and sun exposure. The adhesive is environmentally friendly with a long lifecycle. Note: Choosing matte lamination reduces transparency, giving a cloudy effect.

      Transparent 2-3 years
    • White 2-3 years

      Polymer 75 μm: Provides good coverage on colored surfaces with an insoluble adhesive layer, making it rain and sun-resistant. The adhesive is environmentally friendly, offering a long lifecycle.

      White 2-3 years

What finishing is possible?

    • Glossy finish

      A shiny finish that enhances colors, providing a vibrant and polished look to your stickers. Ideal for adding a glossy, reflective sheen.

      Glossy finish
    • Matt finish

      A non-reflective, smooth finish that reduces glare and adds a subtle, sophisticated touch to your stickers. Perfect for a modern and understated appearance.

      Matt finish