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Letterpress Business Cards

What Makes Letterpress Business Cards Special?

Letterpress prints offer an extra feeling when you hold them due to the debossed letters. Sometimes, letterpress can be done without including ink, with its debossed texture being sufficient. This can create a clean and simple letterpress print which is pleasing to the eyes.

How to Design Letterpress Business Cards

Implementing a letterpress artwork on your business card does not have to be hard. That said, there are a few things you should always keep in mind, however, to achieve optimal results.

  • Refrain From Using Transparency: This means you either put ink on everything or none at all. Do not attempt to make different shades of the ink you are using. If you want a less dense appearance, what you can do instead is to use a half-tone pattern.

  • Lessen The Colours: When using this technique, you have to print each colour individually as compared to the blended CMYK colouring style. You should also avoid overlapping colours as it can make your design inconsistent. Use only up to two colours as much as possible.

  • Be Particular About Resolution: You can never be too careful about your artwork’s resolution when you are using letterpress. Small details may not appear clearly during the printing process as different printers have different tolerances. Additionally, avoid fonts that are too thin as they may end up getting erased during the process, not making it into the final design of the printed product.

What Can We Offer You?

At Helloprint, you can expect us to provide you with two of our letterpress business cards that come with unique features.

  • Cotton Business Cards (Gmund): Made of 100% cotton, these striking letterpress business cards offer a soft tangible surface that you will surely enjoy touching. Available in clear white colour, this will let you print your entire design on its surface unobstructed.

  • Colourplan Paper Business Cards: Alternatively, these letterpress business cards gives a visible and tangible extra dimension that will surely leave a lasting impression to your customers. Choose from white and cool white colours to match your design.

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