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Printed & personalised lighters

Light up your colleagues or clients day with your personalised lighters. Useful, practical, convenient and now printed with your brand on it, what more does one want?

From the blog.

HelloPrint was launched with one big mission; making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

Why custom printed lighters are the unique promotional gift you didn’t know you needed.

Gone are the days when you had to fiddle with twigs and flint to get a decent flame going. Instead, popping by the supermarket for a lighter has become a quicker solution, rivalled only by the common phrase “do you have a lighter?” Yes, though promotional lighters may initially sound like an odd choice for advertising, the usefulness they offer can really add to your marketing strategy and your range of branded stationery.

When deciding how to divide your budget, any seasoned business executive will tell you that freebies and creative giveaway items are fundamental to your company’s customer development. This is because they help generate a positive impression with targeted customers, which can gain your services more visibility on a local and regional, and international scale. Particularly since logo lighters are small enough for someone to carry around, have a surface area ideal for noticeable branding, and can be purchased wholesale without breaking the bank; that will surely lay the stepping stones for convenient promotional success and more.

Nevertheless, their reusability, long life, and usefulness means they can be associated with the positive memories of the recipients; this will bode well for keeping your services in their thoughts and generating new leads. In fact, lighters can incorporated into a variety of campaigns or a product launch, to help create another channel for companies to appeal to their target audience. Such a gift can be readily included in a trade show exhibition stand to encourage new and dedicated customers.

How can I use printed lighters to heat up my brand awareness?

Custom lighters for marketing purposes are just not something you see every day. This is largely since not all companies want to relate their brand identity and values to cigarette smoking. But, everyone needs a trusty lighter at some point, could be for heating the stove, cooking at barbeques, or for parties– they don’t necessarily have to be for smoking purposes. Think about it, even if the quality of your service, staff, and prices are top-notch, if no one pays attention, it won’t matter if your company has the best offers. Not many businesses think to promote with custom lighters, meaning that those that do will have a new strategy to build up a reputation whilst being modern, dynamic, and inclusive. Whether a small business or a medium to large corporate company, custom lighters can come in handy, especially to those in the entertainment market. For example, advertising lighters would be an affordable tool to promote a club, pub, or festival event. Other events and activities related to wedding catering or camping trips could also make use of a dedicated lighter.

This is important when looking for promotional material that will be effective in the short and long term. Thankfully, personalised lighters are safe, reliable, and come in a variety of styles in comparison to matches. With their ability to be passed around and shared, a lighter you print on functions as a mini-advertisement that will make its way to different people – all the while increasing word-of-mouth of your business’s presence. With online printers like HelloPrint, bespoke lighter orders can be tailored to include your brand message and logo at a price so competitive they’re hard to ignore. This is because printed lighters have a print area that is immediately visible, yet won’t deter someone from using it; all that’s needed is a PDF vector file of a logo or image and voila you have an attractive promotional item you can easily distribute at small business or corporate occasions.

So many promo lighters available – How should I choose?

When deciding on personalised lighters, it’s important to consider whether you want to order a classic ‘Bic’ style lighter or kitchen lighter; they provide a good balance between reasonable price and good value. Choosing one style can very much depend on the customers and clients you want to attract. For example, the size of branded kitchen lighters are larger, can come with a grip holder, meaning they would be ideal for businesses within the hospitality sector. In comparison, their smaller counterparts would work well for club promotions, as they can be easily carried in pocket or bag.

Beyond that, it really is a matter of preference because most customisable lighters for advertising will all be re-fillable, constructed from a combination of aluminium and plastic, and have a child safety lock. These types can also be ordered with nifty features like bottle openers or LED functions, which will appeal to different audiences. It’s also important to consider whether the lighters you choose can be ordered with colour printing or laser engraving because that may impact your choice. There are of course other lighter types, however they can come at a more expensive fixed price even when bought in bulk, which wouldn’t be cost-effective for giveaway items.

  • 25.06.2024

    Amazingly quick delivery and the…

    Amazingly quick delivery and the website was so easy to use. I uploaded my own design and it worked perfectly - I had tried another company first who couldn’t accept my file. Thank you for making it so easy helloprint.

    Sarah M
  • 24.06.2024

    Great quality T-Shirts

    Great quality T-Shirts, good turnaround time. Would definitely recommend them and will be using them again. We also loved the flags.

    Lisa Smith
  • 23.06.2024

    A very satisfied customer

    Very satisfied by the quick turnaround of my order, the quality of the print and paper, and how can I forget the online price was the best I could find..everything exceeded my expectations, thank you! Will certainly be purchasing from Helloprint again.

    Clive Palmer
  • 23.06.2024

    High Quality and Excellent Value for Money

    High quality leaflets exactly as I wanted them and they arrived 2 days after I ordered them. Fantastic value for money on top - easily the cheapest printers I could find and I will definitely use them again. Excellent service in every single way!

    Lizzie Eldridge
  • 22.06.2024

    Simple, inexpensive and quick.

    Simple process. Quick and inexpensive delivery. Such a simple process compared to the more well-known printing company. Will 100% use it again.

    Kez Seery
  • 22.06.2024

    Highly recommend 5⭐️

    Ordered brochures and posters and they’re amazing I’m in love 5⭐️

    Jay Martin Bellissimo