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Transparent Electric Lighters


Did you know that lighters are one of the most used and best kept gifts? Increase your brand awareness and get your name out there with Transparent Electric Lighters! Through the transparent base, you can immediately see how much gas is left in your lighter. Print your refillable lighter with your logo or design and reap the rewards!

  • ISO certified
  • Child-proof
  • Refillable lighter
Product specifications
Material Plastic
Weight 18 g
Product size 24 x 81 x 9 mm
Type Electronic
Capacity 2.6 ml gas
Refillable Yes
Print area 52 x 14mm
Print technique Screen printing | 1 - 4 colours
Design guidelines
Submit your file in Vector.

For your Transparent Electric Lighters, we need a vector file to ensure the print quality. Not sure if you have a vector file, or do you want to know how to create it? Please read our Pixels vs. Vector article.

Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.

Make sure you convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts when saving it to PDF.

Use the PMS colour code(s).

Use uncoated PMS colours for products printed on uncoated paper (offset paper, Biotop and Conqueror Vergé), and use coated PMS colours for products printed on machine coated papers (gloss and silk), and every other product printed with PMS colours (gifts, textiles etc.).

Fonts should be at least 6 pt.

Fonts should be at least 6 pt.

Bleed margin is not needed

Bleed margin is not needed.

Safety margin is not needed.

There is no safety margin needed for this product.

Guide PDF
52 x 14mm PDF Indesign
Frequently asked questions
What is this product? And what can I use it for?
  • This product can be used:

  • • To introduce people to your business

  • • As a gift for friends or family

    • For promotion
  • • Filling up goodie bags

  • • To represent your company's identity or brand

Which carriers are used for the delivery?
  • DHL

I can't find the product I'm looking for. Can I request a quotation?
  • The Transparent Electric Lighters chosen in most cases can be selected via our website.

  • If your material type, weight, quantity, size or other specification is not listed, you can request a quotation. We aim to get back to you within 2 working days.

  • Depending on the complexity, this can take a bit longer.

Are the lighters sufficient according to the requirements regarding child safety?
  • In 2016 the Europe cal committee took the decision to implement safety measures to prevent children accidents with lighters. All lighters have to meet the requirements of the Europe cal momission as specified in EN13869. All lighters within the Helloprint product range are produced according to the Europe cal committee.

Why should I choose the number of colours?
  • The lighters are printed with the pad printing technique. It is only possible to print per colour with this printing technique. After printing one colour the printer has to be set over again to print the second colour. This is why the price is changing when if you want to print the lighters with more colours.

How should I formalise the file for a lighter?
  • The colours used are known as Pantone colours. Pantone is a standardized colour scheme and is used worldwide. It is, therefore, important to deliver your logo in Pantone colours so that we can start directly with the printing of the lighters.

    If the logo consists of Pantone colours, it must be stored as a vector. Vector is to say that the image does not consist of pixels, but is build up out of lines.

Ordering process
Ordering with own design
Choose and configure: Choose the product, select your preferences and your desired delivery time.

Add to cart: Add to cart, review your preferences and edit/duplicate if needed. We recommend opting for Premium Artwork Check.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment & design: Choose your preferred payment method in this step. You can also choose to upload your artwork first and pay at a later stage.

Design check: Upload your design. We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

Sit back and relax!
Using editor design
Choose and configure: Find the best product for you, configure it and choose your delivery time.*

Design in the editor: Now you can upload and edit your artwork, if necessary, with the help of our editors. From here, you can add your product(s) to the cart.

Checkout: Choose the delivery and invoice address.

Payment: Choose your preferred payment method in this step.

Design check: We'll send a digital proof for your approval before the order gets sent to production.

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