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Menu Printing

Entice your customers and enhance your meals with personalised menu cards! With personalised menu printing, you can make sure that every step of the dining experience is perfect.

Free menu design templates

Free menu design templates

Choose from 1.000+ stunning design templates and start designing now!

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HelloPrint was launched with one big mission: making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

Menu Printing: Have you asked yourself these questions?

With menu printing it's a matter of taste. Yet you might be better off considering the surroundings, cuisine, and atmosphere of the venue before cooking up your offers into dine worthy personalised menu cards. Here are some convenient questions you could ask yourself before starting the design producing process.

What is the location?

Are you designing printed menus for a bar, restaurant, hotel, café or pub? What kind of excellent feeling do you want the customer to be served at the accommodation? This can vary depending on the meal and beverage setting and how you reflect the facilities with menu printing that keeps quality at a cheap cost. A Chinese restaurant for example, will be a different destination compared to a traditional Indian or Italian restaurant; a swimming pool café's menu will look very different to a takeaway shop's menu card.

What time of day is it?

Does your business cater to all times of the day? Maybe your recipes revolve around breakfast, lunch or dinner. Do you want different menus depending on Christmas breaks, holidays or the season?

What type of food or drinks will you serve?

Depending on speciality, it is worth clarifying what you serve because this helps customers navigate your options and find the right selection. Customers like to know if they're buying at a à la carte or table d'hôte establishment. This will impact whether you're a 'jack of all trades' buffet or a brand that bakes the finest and most delicious home-made pies, pizzas or cakes to be eaten in that order.

What type of customers are you catering to?

It's possible that your business revolves around eating tasty fish and chips, meaning it doesn't matter who comes for a snack. However, if the diet of the customers plays a role, it's important that the menu options reflect that. This could be the use of healthy ingredients for athletes, fish for seafood cuisine, or appropriate choices for people with dietary restrictions like vegans, vegetarians, and gluten intolerant folk.

These are just some areas to consider, but doing so will help you choose the right printing template or format when you print menu cards. It also helps establish your brand image.

Personalised Menu Cards: Are you missing these three design hacks with your printable menu?

When it comes to designing printed menu cards boosting the profitability per guest is a science. There are different areas you can consider regarding the food ingredients and items you may drop or change, but here are three things to think about.

1. Highlight items you want to sell most:

Various graphics and design choices can be used to emphasise specific menu items and specials. You could highlight the text or put a box around it. Research also indicates that including just one picture of a delicious meal can increase its sales; though this also depends on the type of establishment (a high-end restaurant hardly uses picture menus). Keep in mind that the more visual cues you include, the more their impact decreases, so it's worth using one per page.

2. Limit items per page with a menu printing:

Limiting the amount of menu items per category will avoid clutter. Remember, customers are more likely to choose when they are not overwhelmed by choices. This way you can focus your energy with perfecting the menu descriptions and attracting customers to try something new.

3. Avoid listing your prices in a separate column with restaurant menu printing.

When print menu cards do this, it pushes the customer to focus on the price over the cuisine's taste; this leads many to choose the cheapest served food. Instead put the price right after the item's description without any currency symbol in the same font and size. This will stop local residents and dining guests from only focusing on money.

Printing Menus: One way to stop people throwing away your printed menu cards.

Are you promoting your business with takeaway menu printing? Offering customer rewards with cheap menu cards is another way to establish effective customer engagement with them. An example of this is including a stamp area in the takeaway menu. This can be filled up with each visit for customers to get a free menu item. This gives customers more benefits by keeping your menu and also returning to your establishment.

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