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Printed NCR Pads

Use custom NCR forms to develop business relationships by building up traceable records whilst also creating a path to more administrative efficiency.

NCR Printing: What exactly is NCR paper?

Regardless of whether you’re organising NCR printing, you may have heard of the phrase “carbon copy”; this being a way to describe when a person or something are identical or remarkably similar. What you may not have realised, is that this phrase is thought to have been derived from ‘carbon paper’ that became an especially popular form of business stationery in the 1900s. This refers to a piece of carbon paper that was sandwiched between two sheets of writing paper. This combination could create a print copy of whatever was written by hand; definitely a much neater option compared to fresh ink writing that was commonly used.

Print has come a long way since then, as we are now able to create better quality results with carbonless transfer paper. For example, this can come as NCR sets, NCR pads and NCR forms and be used to produce multiple copies of a document that is being hand-written. To further explain, if you come across NCR products, it literally means ‘no carbon required,’ which researchers believe is more environmentally friendly compared to the original carbon form alterative. In a nutshell, NCR printing consists of a sheet of paper with dye-filled microcapsules that bursts onto a clay coated page underneath, however the tiny microcapsules ensure that no ink spreads apart from where you write. This is what makes it so handy for business management and services, as you can complete a range of professional tasks efficiently. Usually, NCR pads are used for labels, slips, invoices or a way to record costs like delivery prices or supply details.

NCR Pads: Are you using NCR paper to strengthen your brand?

When it comes to NCR sets, they be used as invoice pads to benefit customers, clients, and partners when sales and services have been paid for. It doesn’t end there, as they can also be personalised with a digital design to create a print out you can be proud of. Many printers are capable of taking an artwork file or digital PDF (which you could download to re-use) including your logo, contact details and company designs to supply complete printed NCR sets. This is useful for resellers, small establishments, and, corporate companies, since it means a successful and professional experience can be delivered to customers and clients they do business with.

Custom NCR forms help build up traceable records and can be a solution to generating more administration efficiency, which is important to maintaining good business relations and positive word-of-mouth. Whether digital or litho, by creating quality forms of payment, whether that be NCR forms or invoice pads, this can complement your company’s range of branded office supplies. This is essential for any type of growth and development, since your brand will be perceived as more reliable when your NCR printing, notepads, letterheads, leaflets, brochures, envelopes, etc. are all consistent and complimented by your log and business message.

NCR Products: What are the different options?

Depending on your preference, there are different styles of NCR items that can be ordered from various printers in the UK. Generally, the most popular sizes are either the A6, A5, or A4 size; so once you’ve decided on this, it is just a matter of uploading a file with your design and selecting the colours of your NRC papers. This is generally printed on between 60-80gsm paper, which is ideal for administration tools like invoice pads. Apart from these considerations, you may be tasked with deciding between ‘sets’ or ‘pads,’ so here is a quick breakdown of the two.

NCR Sets: This option are the loose sheets of NCR paper. They are most commonly glued together at the top of the pages in individuals parts. Once dried, this allows the sets to separate, making the duplicates easily removable and useful for small business, and corporate management needs.

NCR Pads: Much like NCR sets, this product is almost the same; the biggest difference is that each set is combined. Such pads range from 25 to 50 sets and are comparable to a standard notebook you’d use for jotting down notes, where each page can be neatly peeled when necessary. The convenient backing board also helps provide additional rigidity to the pad, ensuring that the page conditions are maintained and supported; this results in a durable product that can fulfil many administrative tasks, whilst spreading your professional branding.
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