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Interior Design

Make a statement with personalised interiors designed by you.

Useful Tips on Interior Decoration

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, keeping your office and home looking great can help add value and comfort to them respectively. That being said, there are many ways for you to achieve this.

Why it is Vital Choosing an Accent Wall for Your Home

Accent walls are walls that are painted a different colour than other walls of the room for the purpose of making it look larger than it actually is. When choosing a wall to accentuate as well as the ideal colour for it, you should always take note of the room’s exposure as well as colour theory. There are generally two kinds of colour theory - warm and cool colour theory.

  • Warm Colour Theory: If you are looking for a way to make a space somewhat smaller then use warm colours such as orange, yellow, and red. A good place to implement this is in a long, narrow bedroom. By painting an end wall, it will help keep the room looking balanced.

  • Cool Colour Theory: Colours such as green, blue, and purple, tend to make a small room appear larger than it is. You can also use this to make your ceiling look higher than it is by painting a low ceiling cool colour on it.

Furthermore, you can count on us to complement your interior decoration with our high-quality personalised pillows. They are available in many sizes for both indoors and outdoors. Choose from different materials such as polyester Matt Look, Fine Fabric, or Polyester, structured, which are all ideal for interior designing. Each of these materials come with qualities that will perfectly complement your interior setting. For instance, our Polyester, Fine Fabric pillows for indoors are durable, making them suitable for washing. They are also fade-resistant, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

In What Way Can You Make Your Conference Room Looking Interactive

Your conference room is a one of your office’s most important areas as it is where important meetings are often held. For this, it is essential for you to keep it up to date and functional and there are many ways to make it more vibrant and interactive.

For example, you can decorate it with our top class whiteboards. We use Latex-print production techniques when manufacturing our unique whiteboards. We use eco-friendfly latex inks, which are water-based and that do not have harmful substances. They are available in various sizes and you can even personalise them to include your logo or any other design that will add to your meeting room’s aesthetic value and theme. We can also add accessories to it such as markers, magnet, and the like.

Why Personalising Your Linens is a Good Idea

You do not have to settle with plain curtains, sheets, pillows, and bedding. In fact, you are free to decorate them to make your home look cosier, adding more value to it. We offer custom printed fabric that are available in either extra soft cotton or satin gloss cotton. You also have the flexibility to choose a size that will meet your interior decoration needs. You can also choose from many colours that will perfectly complement your home decor. They also come in either a trimmed or contour cut finish for your personal preferences.

At Helloprint, you can expect us to provide you with useful advice as to how you can perfect your office or home decor. We also offer a wide selection of products that will add value to them. Contact us via online and we will be happy to provide you with a fair quote as well as a fast turnaround.
  • Although I use Helloprint all the time my latest order was something very different and it was nicer than I expected! I am thrilled with it all.

  • Very easy to order. Very quick turnaround and delivery. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.

    Martin Wilson
  • I ordered 3 pvc banners from Helloprint. The proof was sent back within 2 hours. I made a couple of adjustments and after approving the final proof I received the banners 3 days later. Fantastic service and delighted with the final result.....and good value. Would not hesitate to recommend them for any printing work.

    Keith Chisholm
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