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Personalise your notepads with your logo and business message!


Using Personalised Notepads for Company Promotion

Custom notepads are one of the best ways to expand your promotional marketing campaigns, by keeping your logo in front of your target audience. With the right printing technique, notepads can act as a miniature billboard for your company, displaying your marketing message for weeks, and months at a time. Not only are printed notepads affordable, but they're essential piece of stationary for any potential client. With high quality paper, and a great corporate print, your notepads can be an effective advert for the value of your business. Notepads are a fantastic visual format for branding, and easy to distribute. In fact, your reps can simply hand them out to current and prospective customers!

Custom Notepads: The Benefits of Promotional Notepads

Those products offer a range of benefits when it comes to expanding local visibility. They can:

• Provide on-going exposure: Every time your ideal customer needs to copy down some notes, they'll remember your brand, and what you can offer. Few other marketing solutions offer such frequent repeat exposure for such a low investment.

• Encourage reciprocity: Though a few branded sheets of paper might not cost your business much, the value they give back could be astronomical. People love freebies, and when you give them as a gift, it's sure to build your relationship with your customers.

• Be practical and useful: Every page of your personalised notepad is useful to your customer. Everyone appreciates a sturdy pad of paper that they can use for document storage, and keeping track of what they wrote during their last business meeting!

• Offer exposure: Notepad printing means that you can customise even small notepads with your own text, photos, or graphics. You can have their cover printed in full-colour, using the highest quality paper for all office purposes. There's plenty of room for creativity.

Printed Notepads: How to Use Them

So, where can you use your branded notepads to help boost visibility in your industry? The better question may be where can't you use them. Representatives of your brand can bring your custom notepads wherever they go, as they're a simple, and portable promotional item. You can give your product away alongside a branded pen at a tradeshow or event where you want your customers to remember your company above all the other competitors in your niche. That way, potential customers can use your notepad to make notes as they wander around a convention, constantly reminding them of your brand.

Notepads can be given away through conventional freebie promotions or rewards. For instance, you could give customers promotional notepads when they recommend your service to a friend, or stay with your company for a set amount of time. Personalised notepads can even be used as part of a welcome pack that introduces big clients to your business. One of the best ways to let your new customers know they've made the right choice is to start your relationship with a free gift!

Printing your Own Personalised Notepads

No matter how you choose to use notepad printing to your benefit, it's important to remember that you can't just give out cheap notepads, or low-quality items and expect to get great results. Although they are very affordable, you need to ensure that the company that prints your products are familiar with the right industry processes and equipment to convey great value. At Helloprint, we use our top-of-the-range facilities and printing capabilities to design the perfect printed notepads from scratch. You choose the design, and we'll make sure that it looks perfect, from cover to cover, so that you can have the right, lasting impression on your target market.

Each of our notepads are long-lasting, and designed with care, perfect for working alongside your other professional solutions for branding and sales.

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