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Personalised Office supplies

Personalised office supplies are ideal for gifts for clients, the team, or even treat yourself as a boost at the next pitch or meeting!

Looking for more office supplies?

Looking for more office supplies?

Check out our stationery range and get your office fully equiped in personalised stationery!

Tips on Personalising Your Office Space

As a business owner, it is important for you to ensure that your staff is constantly motivated to meet their goals. That being said, there will be times where your team members may lose interest in what they are doing, leading to low productivity. By keeping things fun in your office, however, you can help alleviate boredom and increase their productivity. An effective way of achieving this is by personalising your office space.

At HelloPrint, we fully understand the different challenges that business owners like you have to face on a daily basis. Let us help you turn your office space into something quirky through these reliable tips.

What are the Perks of Custom ID Holders?

ID holders are very common in the corporate industry. It is used to hold not just IDs but also access cards, which are used to enter various areas in the building. What is interesting is that you can invest in ID holders that can be customised for added value for your team. For instance, we offer RFID-holders that you can give to your employees who appreciate unique designs. Let them take pride in the custom ID you provide. Submit your own design to us and we can print a design that will perfectly fit your company’s culture. Choose from an extensive selection of colour that will suit your team member’s individual tastes.

Why Providing Custom Stationeries is Ideal

Provide your team with personalised stationery. After all, who would not want to have their own unique set of stationery? We offer a wide range of high-quality stationery printing such as sticky notes, letterheads, notepads, and many more. They also come in an extensive selection of designs and sizes that will perfectly match your team’s office space.

How Beneficial Are Promotional Drinkware?

Let your staff feel more at home at work by giving each one of them personalised drinkware. This can be anything from a clear plastic bottle or a coffee mug having your brand logo. With these items, your team members will be more comfortable working in their office space and will surely make them feel valued. You can also count on us to provide you with a variety of affordable drinkware that will meet your office needs.

Why Invest in Funky Calendars?

An aspect of a successful business is knowing and meeting its deadlines. Having a calendar in your office space can help you and your team plan your daily tasks. Having a visually pleasing calendar, however, can contribute to a positive output. Our office accessories include calendars that come in different designs and sizes. We have fully coloured and printed wall calendars and desk calendars that will add value to any office space. You can also order custom calendars using your own personal design.

What Will You Gain by Handing Out Conference Folders?

Meetings are essential in any office environment that is why it helps to have your employees have their own conference folders. This will not only allow them to take down notes real-time but will also make them feel important. You can rely on us to offer a wide range of meeting folders that will let you and your team keep vital documents secured.

HelloPrint takes pride in providing personalised solutions to business owners. Expect our team of innovative minds to offer you help that will give your staff a better working experience. Contact us and we will provide you with a fair quote and fast delivery.
  • 25.02.2024

    Thanks for good and quality service.

    My order delivered on time also earlier then schulded. Packed well. Print and paper quality was good as I ordered. Thank you guys...

    Ahmet C.
  • 17.02.2024

    Super quick and easy process!

    Super quick and easy process!

  • 3.02.2023

    All arrived in good time

    All arrived in good time - thanks for all your support. Will use again.

    Sam Arthur
  • 1.01.2023

    Quick Delivery and Good Quality

    I am extremely happy with the quality of my Self Care Notepads. They arrived a lot quicker than expected. They weren't due to arrive until 4 January. They are good quality. This hasn't diminished with recycled paper, which was my hesitation when I chose the paper type. It is so much better than I expected. I am looking forward to selling these very soon at: Thank you Hello Print. The process was straight forward too.

    Emily - Lunar Pumpkin
  • 3.12.2022

    5 out of 5

    They helped me through the design process step by step. The product was fantastic value for money and delivered promptly.

  • 17.10.2022

    Great value for money from start to finish

    Great support, fast service and high quality amazing value product.

    Angela Worthington