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Orders of Service Printing<br>

Orders of Service Printing

Organise a memorable ceremony and share meaningful stories with a beautifully printed order of service delivered to your doorstep!

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How to make an Order of Service

Whether you’re headed down the altar, christening a little one or wishing a loved one goodbye, order of service printing guides guests through the ceremony, essential in making sure the event runs smoothly.

An order of service is an essential printed booklet used to outline the order of events in important service. This is to help guests follow the ceremony, people can share short passages about the ones they love or miss. To share photographs of memories and create a memorable keepsake from the service.

In terms of writing your order of service, the thing we recommend the most is to keep it clear and simple, especially if there is a lot to get through in your service. Overloading your guests can add unnecessary confusion and hold the schedule up.

Keeping to times and titles of events or a change of location in the service, the reception for a wake, as an example, keeps things short and clear cut.

Another tip is to keep it personal! Write a small paragraph about the man and wife to be or a sweet shared memory about the one you lost. You can add a photo or a small collage of photos over their life.

At HelloPrint we have a range of booklets and paper types for you to choose from, from stapled booklets to a small brochure, you can personalise your order of service, hassle free. Make sure to check for spelling mistakes, names and dates are correct and the image resolution is high! Creating your perfect order of service.

In order to make sure your order of service arrives on time, we recommend ordering at least two weeks before your service, in case of any delays in shipping or artwork issues. You don't want to be left without your booklets.

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