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Which paper type can I choose? Read our specifications below

There are a lot of papertypes availible, but which one suits you best. Here we give you an impression of all the papertypes we use for our products

How are the flyers produced?

    • Offset printing
    • Offset printing is made by traditional printing presses on so-called 'combination sheets'. By combining multiple orders from different customers, offset printing (especially with larger quantities) has the lowest possible price.

    • Digital printing
    • Digitally printed products are printed on professional HP indigo printers, and lower quantities are cheaper when printed digitally compared to offset (the traditional printing way), and more expensive with bigger quantities. The quality is nearly the same. (Tip: Watch out with very refined texts, because then offset printing is the better choice).

Which paper type can I choose?

135gsm gloss

This glossy paper is the most popular stock type among our customers. A smooth finish,it measures 0,11 mm thick.

This paper type can be used for flyers, folders, posters and booklets

170gsm silk

The 170 gsm silk paper is the most popular choice of our business clients. A semi-matt finish and measures 0,17mm thick.

250gsm gloss

This is the best selling paper type within the flyer range due to its high-grade finish and durability. A smooth glossy finish, it's 0,22mm thick.

250gsm UV Varnish

This flyer stands out due to the strong gloss-varnish finish of this paper type. It is 0,23mm thick.

400gsm silk

This is the thickest and most luxurious paper type we offer. A smooth finish with a semi-matte look. It is 0,4mm thick.

400gsm UV Varnish

It’s also possible to finish the 400gsm with a highly glossy cover. The thickness stays the same, just 0,04mm.

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