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Pavement Signs

Promote your products to every pedestrian with promotional pavement signs.

From the blog.

HelloPrint was launched with one big mission: making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

Pavement Sign Board: Are you using pavement signs to your advantage?

Can’t stress this enough, but outdoor advertising is such a convenient and easy way for you to advertise your products and services. Pavement signs in particular are useful for a full range of businesses; they catch the eye of pedestrians that are walking by the road outside and draw them into the doors of your restaurants, cafés and shops. You may not have thought much of sidewalk signs, but even on a busy day walking down the street, you’ve definitely noticed these type of signs. Often, they’re the reason you will choose to walk through the entrance of an unfamiliar business because they clearly display visible offers & exposure-worthy promotions.

With the ability to highlight your trademarks, logo, and messages, any business benefits from the 24-hour exposure a pavement sign board can provide. Though it just stands outside on the concrete in front of a shop, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the efficient communication it can provide to potential customers and clients. Pavement signs are also a handy tool for striking posters you print that highlight your beneficial products and services, really drumming up some effective visibility in your local area. Bring on the new sales because they’ll surely have a direct impact on your business! Pavement signs are delivered without posters, need posters with your pavement signs? Click here!.

Sidewalk Signs: Choosing between a pavement board & an A-board.

So, what kind of outdoor sign are you after? You’ve probably noticed that companies and small businesses generally choose between a pavement board or A-boards as a marketing companion. Both are worth mulling over, but for different management purposes. Here’s a quick break down:

With pavement display boards, you have the opportunity to advertise with posters you print. I’m sure you return to one or two out of the range of trusted online UK printers to order your campaign materials. Probably because they allow you to simply upload your artwork & promotional designs in a PDF file you can save and make it easy to re-order. Score! If so, pavement signs might get your vote, as you can easily switch out your posters depending on your deals, menu changes, or product offers. With different styles, you can easily find one that tickles your fancy and luckily they’re generally waterproof. If that hasn’t convinced you, these signs are generally cheap pavement signs, meaning you’ll snag a quality product you can reuse over and over to boost your customers.

A-boards or chalk boards on the other hand are just as versatile. They’re often the handy stands cafés, butchers, greengrocers and restaurants will use to advertise menu specials and drink deals (did someone say happy hour?). They’re a clean way to showcase your trademark logo, shop name, and snazzy bargains people stand to gain when they become a customer. All you need is a piece of chalk (and funky penmanship maybe) to create a striking display to entice new prospects before the end of day when you simply wipe it away.

Pavement Signs Suppliers: How to use pavement display boards to boost shop traffic.

If you’ve just received a cheap pavement sign and are feeling chuffed about your purchase (who doesn’t love something low cost but high in quality). You can make it a cost-effective decision by considering these three points in your marketing strategy:

1. Customer demographic: Tailor your signage to your ideal customers. Understand who you want to attract and then create colourful displays they’re likely to notice.

2. Directions: How will you use your pavement sign outside? What if your business is the cosiest café, but no one will find it because like most towns and cities, it’s located in a hidden lane or alley. Solution – place your pavement sign where it’s easily seen, to point pedestrians in the right direction!

3. Display: How will your sign entice more footfall? OFFERS! Deals make people happy so make it a habit to emphasise discounts, a flash sale and specials you can offer consumers. You’ll definitely gain a positive reputation for it.

Notably, there are a lot of affordable and innovative ways you can be more competitive with your signs and displays. They can be ordered fast, they’re user-friendly, and be quickly integrated into your business’s marketing strategy!
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    Super quick and easy process!

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