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Personalised Caps

Personalised Caps

Create a united, modern and stylish atmosphere within your team. Wear your brand or logo with pride and show everyone your personalised caps.

Looking for something a little different?

Looking for something a little different?

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Cap Printing: The Perfect Way to Advertise your Brand

We all know that growing a business relies on a company's ability to find and maintain plenty of happy new customers. Unfortunately, many brands struggle to get their logo in front of the eyes of their target market - particularly as the digital marketplace grows increasingly saturated with new competition. The good news, is that there is a simple solution for brand awareness available in the form of custom caps. Professional cap printing companies can create a new and improved solution for businesses who want to take a stylish approach to marketing. While branded caps might be perfect for the summer months, they're also versatile enough that they can be used throughout the year, as a comfortable head covering for men, women, and kids. If you want to take your advertising strategy into the outdoor world, then it might be time to consider promotional hats.

Custom Caps for Your Brand

Advertising your business to the masses can be a complicated and expensive process - but it doesn't have to be. Blank caps that have been printed with your business logo are the classic way to capture the attention of your target market, and the fashion-savvy consumers that can benefit from your services. Alongside other wearable branded items, personalised caps can offer the perfect way to expand your branding efforts. After all, whenever your customers or staff are wearing your branded head covering, they'll be showing your logo to the world. If you make your caps out of the right fabric, you can also ensure that your promotional items stay with your customers for as long as possible. Year after year, whenever the sun comes out, or a customer wants to protect themselves from the rain, they could wear your cap on their head, and continue to bring new custom to your company. What's more, there are plenty of different branded caps to choose from. When you work with an expert cap printing company, you'll discover a range of blank caps, each with their own type of eyeshade, peak, brim, and cover to offer. The right capped promotional item can be worn indoor, or outdoors, to protect people from the sun, or to act as a simple fashion statement.

How to Use Branded Caps for Business Promotion

Just like other wearable promotional items, like branded hoodies or shirts, printed caps can be used in a host of different ways to draw new business towards your company. For instance, you could consider selling your own personalised caps to customers who you know appreciate your business. If you offer your custom caps at a discount price, you can rest assured that people will snatch them up as soon as the sun comes out. Alternatively, you could invest in wholesale caps, and give them away to your most valuable customers at promotional events. For instance, if you want to capture the attention of your audience at your next big conference, what better way to outshine the other competitors giving away free pens and notepads, than to offer something unique, like a stunning and durable set of blank caps? When it comes to printed caps, the opportunities are endless. So long as you use the right materials, and choose a timeless design, you should find that your caps continue to work for you, year after year building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Finding Your Source for Blank Caps

Just like any other promotional item, it's crucial to make sure that you choose a cap printing company that can offer you the level of quality you expect, and deserve. After all, the longer the design you print on your custom cap stays looking great, the more benefits you can get from each hat. At Helloprint, we make the most of the latest and most efficient fabric printing techniques, to ensure that your promotional caps stay looking fantastic for as long as possible. We'll give you a selection of durable caps and colours to select, so you can select the design that suits your business best. No matter which design you choose, rest assured that you and your customers will always get the best results with Helloprint.
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  • Amazing customer service. I have used HP quite a lot over the years as their products are top quality (and at a reasonable price) so when I was tasked with ordering a banner for an event with only a 4 day lead time - HP was my go-to option. However, I made the mistake of approving the artwork after the required time for the order to be completed and delivered on time for the event (idiot I know!!). Totally my mistake. HP's customer service were impeccable. They chased the production team on my behalf and managed to fast-track the order and deliver on-time! All in all they saved my bacon! Thank you Hello Print

    Mark Draper
  • I used Hello Print at my previous workspace and continue to do so because everything is right! The customer service is helpful and polite, the print quality is always top-notch and I have never had an occurrence where I wasn't delighted with the print arriving ahead of its estimated arrival. Couple all this with the mainly unbeatable prices and you have a service that I actively recommend when the opportunity presents. Also, it's really easy to use and see how the quote works, compared to the olden days where I would have to email, hold on for a reply for half a day before preceding. Its just good stuff done the right way!

    Phil Bradley
  • Hello Print prices, quality, and the whole process was easy to use . I had 2500 colour leaflets printed and would definitely use and recommend this excellent company.

    David Knight

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