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Personalised Face masks

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Our predesigned face masks

You don't have a design ready yet for your face masks? Discover our brand new range of preprinted microfibre face masks with trendy designs.

  • Fantastic service - gave me all the help and advice I needed by email and online chat. Quality products and value for money - I had a banner, flyers and business cards. Delivered quickly (before the date they gave me). Will definitely use again. Highly recommended.

  • Very fast turnaround, and quality excellent.

    susan waltho
  • Easy to order, great quality brochure prints. Reasonable price and fast delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

Why personalise a face mask?

In terms of usage, wearing face masks without being involved in the medical profession is quite new in Europe. With the emergence of a virus on a global scale like the Coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, safety masks are and will be worn more and more by the general public. Printing and personalising clothing with a logo or special design is already commonly used in order to promote a business, event or association, and face masks are likely to also become a important piece of personalised clothing. When printed in full colour, and worn everyday on a visible part of your body, personalised face masks represent a unique opportunity to promote a cause, spread a positive message or to simply show a nice design that matches your outfit like any other accessory! Also, in the case of children, floral patterns or fun designs may encourage them to wear them.

Why wear a face mask?

Face masks are made to protect you, your family, your friends, your colleagues, everyone around you, from harmful particles in the air. These particles could be pollution like smog or a virus like the coronavirus (Covid-19). One of the main ways these particles are transferred is from saliva and spittle, and are most often transmitted from coughing or sneezing. Wearing a mask reduces both the risk of you getting infected and of you infecting others. It is still very important to follow all other safety measures like; washing your hands regularly, maintaining a safe distance (1 metre), sneezing and coughing into your elbow and avoiding physical contact with others.
At Helloprint, you will find a wide variety of face masks you can personalise and to print with your own custom design. Important note, our masks are not intended for a medical use and are made for a personal use.

How to wear a face mask?

In order to maximise the efficiency and comfort of your face mask, it is important to position it and to wear it correctly. Here are some steps to help you set up your mask:
1. Wash your hands with care before putting on the mask (for at least 30 seconds). You can wash your hands with soap and water or with an hydro-alcoholic solution. By washing your hands before, you prevent germs from defiling your mask right from the very beginning.
2. Take your mask by the elastic bands and turn it to face the right position.
3. Position it on your face, and place the elastic bands behind your ears.
4. Adjust your mask in order to make it properly cover your nose, mouth and your chin so there is no risk of contamination. If your mask has a wire, press it on your nose to shape it.
5. After this, try to avoid touching the mask during the day so the particles that are on it do not get into contact with your hands. If you really need to touch your mask, don't forget to wash your hands before and after!

How to remove a face mask?

After a few hours of good and faithful service, it is time remove your mask! Authorities recommend you to remove it when it starts to become humid. But how do you remove it properly and reduce the risk of contamination?
1. Again, it all starts with having clean hands! So make sure to wash them regularly, and especially before and after touching your face mask.
2. Take your face mask by the elastic bands behind your ears and do not touch the central part of your reusable or disposable mask. This is because this part of the mask is the most exposed, it would be sad to ruin your hours of wearing a mask by touching its most at risk area at the very end.
3. If you wear a disposable mask, throw it instantly away in a closed trash bin. If you wear a reusable face mask, you should wash it. If you can not wash your mask right after using it, place it in an hermetic box and wash it when you can.
4. And now, time to wash your hands again! If you used an hermetic box to place your mask, also think of cleaning the outside of the box.

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