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Jumper Printing

Jumper Printing

Be stylish with your own personalised jumpers! With different types, there is something for everyone.

Looking for something a little different?

Looking for something a little different?

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Printed Sweatshirts: Cheap Way to Adevertise your Brand

It’s clear that branded sweatshirts are useful, but how can they work for your business? Printed sweaters are a creative way to suit your needs and catch the eye of your target customers; largely because with sweatshirts you can choose between printing on one or both sides, in sizes that range from 10 to 35cm. You could also tailor the type of printed sweatshirts to customers or your employees themselves; corporate professionals may appreciate a cotton sweater they can match to a polo shirt, whilst graphic designers may prefer a hoodie they can work comfortably in. By doing this, you can merge your company’s identity with colourful artwork, that will help your brand’s image become more recognised; attracting the attention you want for your services.

Using Sweatshirt Printing to Promote your company

If there is one word that summarises printed sweatshirts, it’s versatile. That’s because they’re a marketing tool that can be incorporated into unique strategies to be seen by new audiences. When people wear your logo or designs, this is a form of communication; a personal endorsement which is far more engaging and compelling. When successful, your custom sweaters will easily create some buzz and will even make their way into people's social media network circles to reach a larger crowd.

Can Printed Sweaters Encourage Someone to Wear your Brand?

Whether you go for screen printing or digital printing, it is important that the personalised sweatshirts will stay on the minds of people that see them. Here, the main thing is will someone want to wear this? There isn’t a specific approach to accomplish this, but you can brainstorm different strategies to ensure the sweater designs include both your logo or website link (or email, social media handle, etc.) and importantly, a photo, icon, or funny catchphrase that is likely to visually connect with passerbys.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order personalised jumpers with multiple designs?

If you want personalised jumpers with different designs, they need to be in separate orders. One order with one design and quantity and the next with the new design and quantity. You cannot have one order with different designs.

Which printing method has the longest durability when it comes to customised jumpers?

The printing method with the longest durability for jumpers is screen printing.

What are the delivery times related to the jumpers?

The delivery times for sweaters are dependent on the quantity and type of print style you have selected. You are able to choose your turnaround times in the funnel however, this is not delivery times. This is the time in which the printed jumper will be made.

What are the differences between jumper brands available at HelloPrint?

The difference between sweater brands is not so big in terms of printing but they each have different qualities that make them stand out. Stella and Stanely sweaters are known for being more sustainable, whereas Clique jumpers have great quality and are super long-lasting. Sol's printed jumpers are the most well-known for being low-cost and long-lasting. However, all the printing methods we offer for each remain the same. It is just the quality of fabric that is different. window stickers