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Personalised mugs

Have mugs printed to promote your company, to ensure unity in the workplace or a personalised mug as a unique gift for a friend, family or colleague. Order printed mugs now easily and quickly!

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Personalised coffee mugs and what they can do for you!

Be honest, how often have you stepped into work and your first thought has been coffee? A sip of the good stuff to relieve your heavy eyelids, and help get your head in gear for the upcoming day. Don't worry you aren't alone here, which is why mugs are the perfect printed product for any business - they can take you from snoozing on a Monday morning to - fully prepared and already scoring!

To be productive, you need to stay hydrated (and awake) so having the utensils to do so is simply practical. Think about it, your drink of choice will likely be in a mug on your desk for the whole day; it'll be the mental jog that reminds you to drink consistently, and possibly even the object your eyes fixate on when your mind starts to wonder. They are completely functional, meaning they are instantly cost-effective. This doesn't only have to apply to you, since business partners and professionals that visit, or potential employees that arrive for interviews will be offered a drink. Having a cohesive collection of personalised mugs speaks leaps and bounds to your guests. Not only can it display your logo or a custom design, but it also demonstrates to them that the workforce behind your business has an eye for details; leaving them with a good impression and you a thumbs-up.
Personalised photo mugs are also an inexpensive way to generate positive reinforcement around the office. It could be something as simple as printing the 'employee of the month's face on their own personalised coffee mug or commemorating a business milestone on a set of cups. Not only is this a nice reminder of the previous successes, but the additional motivation for celebrations still to come; it could even become a company tradition! Remember, you'll not be promoting your brand, when you've got a custom mug in your hand!

Top types of personalised printed cups and mugs

When it comes to your drink of choice, everyone has their own preference; could be herbal teas, Earl Grey or black coffee. No matter the flavour, the style of mug or cup can spruce up the whole experience - after all, it's the little things in life that can really make your day.

- Coffee mugs: Perfect for your morning coffee; these ceramic printed delights are the way to start off the work day. With a striking logo on each of your personalised coffee mugs, you're communicating your brand without a single word.

- Espresso mugs: A no-nonsense kind of mug; that'll have you feeling revived after an espresso or coffee. With just enough heft, but nothing too heavy, these personalised mugs will get you that quick pick-me-up to compliment your lunch break.

- Two-tone mugs: These custom mugs take you from quality to extra snazzy. With a sturdy build and silky smooth finish, these two-tone mugs are an added bonus to any business's collection. Why not add a pop of colour to your office attire; it's a simple solution to really inspire.

- Cardboard cups: Printed with food-safe ink, these cups will make marketing a whole lot easier. Printed personalised cups are a simple way to transform a drink into easy promotion, by building up brand awareness with a positive spin. As consumers enjoy their drink, they will also retain your brand message; that's a double-barrel combo!

Savvy tips for personalised cups you might be missing out on!

Can you recall the number of people you’ve seen with a coffee cup in their hand this past week? Probably not, there are just too many and almost everyone likes a good morning coffee. Still, it’s like a personal statement; you’ll meet many a person that will gladly walk around with visibly branded coffee chain cups. There’s no shame in this, as it highlights that consumers are often happy to advertise a brand. Printed custom cups can benefit from this, which will help to promote a product or service. Custom coffee cups are more likely to be taken along to the office, where they will be noticed before it is thrown away. Largely because having a drink is often a social activity, it encourages conversation and engagement; generating a response. This form of word-of-mouth can work wonders for raising business awareness, as ‘freebies’ with your message can be easily distributed to a diverse range of people. Unlike pamphlets that are often avoided, free coffee with a personalised cup feels more like a friendly gesture, especially to employees that start the day early.

Keep in mind, printed cups are like travelling billboards (only smaller) that will accompany a person on the train or bus, to their job, gym, or school; providing a welcome distraction to anyone along the trip. It will never be more than a few centimetres away from someone’s eye, so it can catch someone’s attention; sharing the benefits of your service without you having to say a word. You could see it like this; it’s a chilly day, and you’ve forgotten your gloves. Your hands are shivering and out of the blue, you are handed a printed cup of coffee that instantly warms up your hands. This small action immediately makes you feel better and creates a positive feeling towards the cup’s brand. If you are looking for an inexpensive and unique way to share your brand, at a small cost, printed cups are an effective investment. Not only can it brighten someone’s working week, but it also reaches various places; not attracting customers with flashy sales pitches, but a good feeling instead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are photo mugs dishwasher safe?

Our personalised photo mugs are handwash only, so make sure not to put your special mugs in the dishwasher as the print can be distorted or even come off completely.

What type of materials do we offer for photo mug printing?

Our main range of mugs consists of ceramic, however, we do also offer one enamel mug and one stainless steel mug. The stainless steel mug is printed with a laser engraving or 1 -4 PMS colours.

How does a magic mug work?

Magic mugs are printed with heat-sensitive paint containing pigments that change the colour of the mug when a hot liquid is poured into it. Then as the mug heats up it will reveal your special memory chosen for your printed mug.

How do you print on personalised mugs?

We use a printing process called “sublimation” which uses special inks with heat to embed your image into the ceramic mug of your choice.
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    Very good all in all: great quality printing at probably the/one of the cheapest prices, very reliable, good customer support (if you need). The website is designed so well that even an amateur could design & order printed materials. Delivery is very cheap, fast and always very accurate! Definitely 5 out of 5 Stars for Hello print! We need more businesses like them on the market that focus primarily on the customer experience not on the money!

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