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With a high-definition, glass-like appearance, your photo will brighten up any room. Light bounces off the shatter-proof plexiglass which creates an illumination of the space.

Hanging system

Hanging system

You can enjoy your photo on plexiglass straight away! We offer suitable hanging systems.

• Material: Stainless steel
• Inside and outside use
• 15 mm from wall
• Drill holes panel: 10 mm
• Drill holes wall: 6 mm



• Classy, modern and bright look
• Creates beautiful depth to your photo
• Even the finest details will be visible
• Water-repellent which is great for indoor and outdoor use
• Gives your room a luxurious touch



• Material: Extruded Plexiglass
• Thickness of 5 mm
• Sizes from 30 x 30 cm to 70 x 100 cm
• Weight of 5.82 kg/m²
• Landscape, portrait, or square format
• Optional: Hanging set


1. Choose your format and shape

1. Choose your format and shape

Choose your desired format and shape. This can still be changed in the editor.

2. Upload your photos & PDF

2. Upload your photos & PDF

Choose the photo or PDF you would like to print. You can also upload multiple photos to create a photo collage!

3. Edit your design or collage

3. Edit your design or collage

Take your photo(s) to the next level! Add a filter, change your background, add text or include a shape.

4. Confirm your order

4. Confirm your order

Preview your result, are you happy? Finalise checkout and your photo product will be with you in no time.


What is photo on plexiglass exactly? And what can I use it for?

A photo on plexiglas is a photo of your own choice printed on sturdy plexiglass. This product is very popular as wall decoration as it displays colours brightly and lights up a room when its hanging close to a window.

Which finish has my photo on plexiglass?

Your photo on plexiglass get's a white protective layer as finish that let's the light play with the colors in your photo. This protective layer has no negative influence on the colors of your photo.

What are spacers and do you need them?

With the help of stainless steel spacers side grip, there is no need to drill into the displays! The stainless steel spacers are strong and provide a luxurious look. With the hidden mounting system you can easily hang your panel and ensure a beautiful display.

How many spacers are included a set?

Each set includes 4 pieces, which is enough to hang one Plexiglass Photo Print.

How do I clean my photo on plexiglass?

It is important to take good care of your wall decoration! A photo on Plexiglas full of dust shows the colors less bright. Prevent damage to your photo on Plexiglas by gently wiping the surface with a soft, damp cloth. Be careful not to use hard brushes or other hard cleaning materials that can damage the plexiglass. If you want to be extra thorough, rinse the cloth, submerge it in water and go over the Plexiglas again if necessary.

Can Plexiglass Photo Print be used as a promotional product?

Yes, Plexiglass Photo Print be used as a promotional product. We also recommend our plexiglass signsif you are looking for a specific size.

Which production techniques do you use?

For the production of your Plexiglass Photo Print we use UV-print: The printing is fulfilled with eco-friendly ink which is cured by means of UV light. This technique is also used by dentists for placing a filling. Curing ensures that the quality is clear and the colours are printed sharp.

What is the fastest possible turnaround?

The standard turnaround is 10 working days. In the cart you are able to choose a faster turnaround at an additional cost.

Which carriers are used for delivery?

For the delivery of your Plexiglass Photo Print we use multiple carriers. We use our most reliable carriers, which in most cases are UPS or DPD. Other carriers we use are DHL and even our own courier service. These carriers are used for certain products (depending on the size, the turnaround and the quantity).

I can't find the specifications I'm looking for. Are custom products possible?

If your material type, weight, quantity, size or other specification is not listed, you can request a quotation. We will send you an offer within 1 working day. Depending on the complexity, this may take a bit longer.
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Plexiglass Photo Print


Print your treasured memories on plexiglass, which is stronger and more resilient than standard glass. Stylish and water-repellent; hang... Show more

Print your treasured memories on plexiglass, which is stronger and more resilient than standard glass. Stylish and water-repellent; hang indoors or outside.

Tip: Have a look at our plexiglass signs for customized sizes.

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