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Poster Design Tips For Promoting Your Brand
Posters are generally used to convey a message to a specific target audience. For instance, it can be a call to support a healthy environment or to promote love and peace across the world. They can also be a means to raise awareness about changes in society. In fact, poster printing can also be used as a marketing medium to promote your brand.

Here are Helloprint’s poster making design tips that will effectively promote your company.

Why Should it be Scalable?

Many posters designs are intended to be printed small for distribution purposes. Keep in mind that your poster should still look good when shared on social media. This includes ensuring that every detail on your poster should remain clearly visible even if it is scaled down to the size of a postcard.

When you visit our website, you can order art prints of different sizes. We have A4, A3, A2, and A1 sizes, and many more. Do note that A4 to A1 are smallest to biggest. Furthermore, we have big sizes ranging from A0, B2, B1, and the life-sized Abri. When choosing a size, you should consider the location of your poster in relation to your customers. For instance, if you are planning to distribute it similar to flyers then A4 makes for an ideal option as it is small enough to be hand-held. On the other hand, if your poster is meant to remain on the wall then a larger sized poster will work better instead.

Why You Need to Make it Stand Out.

Many of your competitors are using posters to further their marketing agenda. This means the place where you are planning to give away your posters will possibly have posters of your competitors as well. For this reason, it is vital for you to ensure that your poster design stands out from the rest. When designing a poster, remember that colours create energy and evoke mood as well as attract the eye. Make sure the colours you use match the concept and mood of your posters. For instance, a Valentine theme poster might have bright red colours complemented by other colours that you could correlate to love.

When you visit our website, you can use our design tool that offers countless cool designs that you can incorporate to your poster for added aesthetic value. For example, we have a custom template featuring an image of a cute dog along with spaces you can fill out with the event location, the date of the event, as well as the details of the event. You can also upload or search for images that you want to include in your poster design.

What Can You Do With Fonts?

Just like with colours, the fonts you use on your poster to convey your message should match the theme of your poster. Bold sans serif, for instance, is ideal when expressing a serious tone while an italic serif can be used to present elegance. When deciding what fonts to use, choose one for the headline and one for the body copy. You should also keep in mind that while using unconventional fonts may look unique, it is equally important to make sure that your message is clear and readable from a distance.

You can expect our team of specialists to be familiar with different fonts. When you get in touch with us, we can provide you with tips as to what font is best to use to convey your message. You can also use our online design-it-yourself tool to see the available fonts that you could use on your artwork. This will help you get a visual idea as to what kind of lettering would look great on your design.

At Helloprint, you can have the peace of mind knowing that we have the resources to help you achieve the perfect poster. We use digital printing as well as offset lithography printing, which are efficient production techniques. We also have design templates that you can use to see how your poster may possibly look. Lastly, we can provide you with a reasonable quote and we deliver fast.
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