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Printed bags

Help customers carry your brand with cotton bags

How many times have you been given a promotional item that you will probably never use? Cotton bags are not only practical to do your groceries or carry items, and look good doing it. These printed bags are perfect for affordable marketing campaigns to help spread via word of mouth. And by the way, you should not forget to get some custom bags for your employees!

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Paper bags: the ideal eco-responsible shopping & gift bag

Include eco-friendly & recyclable solutions to your marketing campaigns. Our kraft bags are perfect shopping and gift bags. They not only help reducing plastic uses but also give a earthy look to your brand communication.

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Making the Most out of Custom Bags

When it comes to bag printing, it's important to remember that quality is essential if you want to make the most of your promotional campaign. People will only re-use your gear, and therefore show your logo to the world, if it's attractive and durable. This means that you not only need to choose the right design for your products, but also the right materials too!

At Helloprint, our experts in printing use the latest digital processes and machines to create stunning bags designed to last a lifetime. All of our materials are sturdy, and reliable, and our printing methods ensure that your brand image or logo will remain vibrant and strong for years to come. When used properly, a branded bag can be the perfect way to ensure that your company is seen, wherever your customers go.

Drawstring bags are the perfect (functional) giveaway

Surprise your customers or employees with a functional drawstring bag that comes in handy while being active.


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Printed Bags: Help your Customers Carry Your Branding

For some businesses, it can be difficult to constantly come up with clever advertising tools that offer a range of unique ways to reach out to your audience. However, as a dynamic business, it's important to keep using new solutions for branding that help you share your message with the world, and have a lasting impact on your target audience. Promotional printed bags are one of the easiest and most effective ways to expand your marketing opportunities. Whether you're using recycled materials, reusable shopping bags, or standard paper bags, branded bags are a fantastic way to expand brand visibility, and keep your customers happy.

Why You Should Use Promotional Bags

People carry bags with them wherever they go. From clutch handbags, to trendy pouches that complement their clothing. According to research, producing a carry bag that has your logo emblazoned on the front, could be enough to earn you 5,700 distinct impressions as a business. That means you're getting the attention of nearly 6,000 new potential customers whenever someone uses your promotional bags. Just like many other promotional products, custom bags help you give something back to your customers, while expanding your marketing reach. Whether large or small, personalised bags often come with large imprint areas available, which means that there's plenty of room for your specific artwork, or message. As long as the bag is practical on the inside, you can be as creative as you like with your design, and the more artistic you get, the more likely you are to grab the attention of new customers.

When made of strong fabric, polyester, tote, jute, or cotton, branded bags can make fantastic gifts to loyal customers, and they become items that they use repeatedly. Meaning, you have multiple chances to get new brand impressions every time someone carries your sack with them. The ones that you give out as a gift at an event could be used to pack food at a grocery store, or as ideal storage when your customers need a useful place to keep their essentials. On top of that, bag printing is cost-friendly and good for the environment. When you produce reusable bags in bulk, you create a gift for your customer that not only shows them how much you value their loyalty, but also how much you value the environment. After all, the more we use reusable packs, the less plastic fills up our local landfills.

How to Use your Branded Bags

When accessed in bulk, bag printing solutions can help you to create promotional items for a range of different circumstances. For instance:

• Custom bags could replace non-biodegradable bags in your store. You can either sell them to your customers, or offer then as a free gift to loyal customers who spend a certain amount on your products.

• Printed bags could be used as part of a goodie sack given away at an event or tradeshow. Not only will this remind potential customers of your brand, but it also offers a practical way for them to carry the other things they might get at a tradeshow around with them.

• Branded bags can even be used as promotional packaging solutions, helping to raise awareness for your brand and reduce environmental waste.

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