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Glass Bottles & Jugs

Present your favorite drinks or just water to stay hydrated in style. Choose from our wide range of printed glass bottles and jugs.

From the blog

Helloprint was launched with one big mission: making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

How to Maximise Impact With Glass Bottles

Have you ever entered a random restaurant, sat down, ate and then completely forgot the name of the place? We certainly don't want that happening with your business, and Printed Glass Bottles will help us with that. Not only you will make sure your customers do not forget your name with a printed bottle in front of them as they eat, but you can also benefit from free exposure.

How Personalised Bottles Increase your Business Notoriety

Think about it, when your customers take a picture of those great dishes and drinks you just served them, would'nt it be great if in the background there was a jug showing off the name of your restaurant? As customers share their activites on social medias and especially with pictures of your brand printed on table objects, your exposure will increase and with them potential clients interested in what they see! In addition, using glass bottles instead of plastic ones puts the emphasis on your concern for the environment as well which can only be perceived well by your clients. In short, you provide them with a service of quality that they will remember.

How to Use Custom Glass Jugs

Creating your own personalised Glass Bottle with Helloprint is fast and easy. Choose the one that is the most suitable to your needs by asking yourself this one simple question: what do you want it to contain?
Tap water? Then the classic Glass Jugs are perfect for you.
Some red wine? Try our Slim glass bottle 75cl!
Your own spirit mix? Why not the Round cliplock bottle to keep all the flavour inside.

At Helloprint we want to provide the best service to our customers while offering low prices all year round. No matter what you have in mind for your marketing, we can help you with the printing of promotional materials. Contact us during our opening hours and we will be happy to answer your request.
  • Although I use Helloprint all the time my latest order was something very different and it was nicer than I expected! I am thrilled with it all.

  • Very easy to order. Very quick turnaround and delivery. Excellent communication. Highly recommended.

    Martin Wilson
  • I ordered 3 pvc banners from Helloprint. The proof was sent back within 2 hours. I made a couple of adjustments and after approving the final proof I received the banners 3 days later. Fantastic service and delighted with the final result.....and good value. Would not hesitate to recommend them for any printing work.

    Keith Chisholm
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