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Customised Jacket Printing

Customised Jacket Printing

Make your own jacket tailored for any occasion. Choose from our selection of high-quality jackets or body warmers, and customise them with your brand design or logo.

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  • 17.03.2024

    Fabulous all round

    Easy to upload, extremely quick free delivery, great quality. Very happy, thank you!

  • 10.03.2024

    Easy to order

    Easy to order. Delivered on time. Good quality printing.

    Tracie Linehan
  • 10.03.2024

    Excellent as always

    Excellent as always. Good quality products, fast turnover and easy ordering.

    Jenny Morgan
  • 10.03.2024

    Amazing service

    Amazing service. Was a last minute joke present but went through quickly and delivery was very fast! Thank you so much.

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    Speed and excellent colour and printed…

    Speed and excellent colour and printed beautifully.

    Keith Ravenhill
  • 9.03.2024

    Good website

    Good website, easy ordering, good product, excellent delivery and price

    john haskell

Printing promotional jackets, the solution to improve your visibility

Whether light, padded, thin, or windproof, the jacket is a long-sleeved garment that provides protection from cold and rain in all seasons. Beyond its useful technical features such as waterproof fabric, padding, long sleeves, and a covering collar to overcome the harshest weather; the jacket is also a true fashion accessory that effectively enhances a simple outfit. What if you seized this opportunity to display your logo? Worn by men and women throughout the year, personalised promotional jackets can represent a fantastic opportunity for your business or association through the printing of your logo. Indeed, they reach a wide audience as they are particularly practical and appreciated by the general public.

How to use company logo jackets for my communication?

Jacket, anorak, coat, or vest; regardless of the style you want to adopt for your marketing campaigns or the clothing of your teams; the company logo jacket remains a suitable must-have that meets various needs. Here is a quick overview of the possibilities offered by jacket printing. Customised jackets will be a fantastic element to create the uniform for your teams or to be offered to the people you work with. You are sure to present a professional and cohesive image to your colleagues, employees, or members. In this way, you create a true universe around your brand while dressing your collaborators with a loved and useful corporate gift for everyone.
Promotional jackets also represent an opportunity for student associations as well as for sports or charitable associations. They can be personalised with the logo of the respective association and serve as an ideal gift for members or a fantastic promotional item to fund the association's operations or a specific event. Printing jackets with a logo is also a chance for businesses to strengthen their commercial relationships with clients. They make an excellent gift during events such as year-end celebrations, the launch of a campaign, the anniversary of your client or your company, and will help create engagement between your partners and your brand. It is then a long-term investment, undoubtedly useful for your business and goodwill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other jacket size available than those listed on the website?

We have a wide range of sizes but if you are in need of one that is not offered on our page, you can get in contact with our [quotes team]( and we can see if this is something we are able to print specifically for you.

Is it possible to receive a sample jacket?

Yes, a sample jacket is available through our custom quotes team. Just indicate what size and type you need and we will get it to you as fast as possible!

Can I remove a printed logo from a jacket?

In order to remove your printed logo from your personalised jacket, soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and gently rub the design away. Once the design has all been removed, wipe the area with a wet cloth and leave it to dry.

What printing postions are available for personalised jackets?

The printing positions we offer depends on the type of garment you are looking for. We can print; Chest, Chest Back, Front Large, Front Large Back Large and Back Large on most of our products.