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Printed Parasols

Keep your customers cool by providing them shade while promoting your brand with branded parasols.

Printed Parasols: Why you should be choosing commercial parasols!

Can you think of a warm summer day? Try and recall the sunny weather that you can enjoy on your skin and the many outdoor elements that surrounded you. Maybe you were sitting in the garden amongst co-workers on a patio enjoying a charcoal BBQ. Everyone could relax by the table in a good chair, leaning into soft cushions as the food sizzled on the grill. Possibly the sun was especially extreme one day and you were suddenly sweating too much at a restaurant with your boss or a potential employer. Yikes! Were you wishing you were by a swimming pool surrounded by sun-beds, loungers and benches so you could have a refreshing swim? Whatever you think of, a good addition outside would be a convenient custom parasol to provide shade when the sun gets too hot; keeping anyone looking presentable and professional.

Large personalised parasols that can be tailored to different businesses are easy to use and a nice bonus to any office terrace or balcony. They go nicely with bars, pubs, restaurants and outdoor venues, and they're an opportunity to make sure your branding is noticed. As the majority are constructed from water resistant materials like deco-polyester, vinyl and canvas, personalised parasols are a worth-while business investment. They are long lasting promotional materials that ensure your brand logo is visible from a distance, and especially up close. With various sizes and types to consider, it is worth exploring and designing the right parasol logo and enjoying their benefits.

This won't be difficult because it is only a matter of getting a high resolution image of your company logo and fitting it in an artwork template. This can be easily uploaded in PDF format to an online printer that are easily found either locally or nationally in the UK. Bespoke and custom advertising parasols can be tailored and printed for affordable prices; who knows, you might even find yourself organising a logo parasol for any outdoor events that your business sponsors or manages in your area from now on.

Branded Parasols: Are you using these cleaning tips for your custom parasol?

Printed parasols are appreciated for a number of reasons, but especially because they can be re-used. This advantage makes them quite cost-effective to any company and its advertising budget. Like anything though, these attractions must be cleaned and taken care of. As commercial parasols with printed details are generally high quality, it isn't difficult to manage them so your organisation or small business will continue to make a good impression with new and potential customers.

When cleaning, it's advised to keep the canopy on the pole and to start with brushing off any dry dirt and leaves. Then, using cold water from a hose, rinse off any loose dirt. With washing up liquid, use a sponge to clean the material with warm water and leave it to soak for between five to ten minutes before hosing it down with cold water. Following this, leave it in the sun to dry before packing it away in a secure and dry area. It is important to only pack up the parasol when it is completely dry because the material is not immune to mold - but this can be simply avoided. If you want to be very cautious, close your commercial parasols when clients, colleagues, partners or customers will not be sitting outside. Still, if the weather isn't too extreme when you leave your branded parasols open, they will continue to advertise your brand 24/7.
  • Easy to upload designs, checked by a human and then verified by myself easily. Great, speedy delivery and sooner than the original timescale. Would thoroughly recommend. You can also get virtually anything printed!

    Colin Warden
  • After previously hand-making the RSVPs for my wedding, which was a) surprisingly expensive and b) very time consuming, my fiancé and I decided to take the plunge and pay for our finalised wedding invites to be printed professionally to save us the time, now that we're both very busy with work and other wedding planning stuff. Came across HelloPrint's website at the weekend and after a few last minute alterations we submitted our final designs on Sunday evening - were sent a digital proof by Monday morning which we confirmed we were happy with, and the finished product (100 cards ordered with envelopes) arrived on our doorstep Tuesday afternoon (today). Absolutely delighted with how well the cards came out, blown away by how fast they arrived (didn't even pay for a rush order - this was a standard delivery!), and very happy with how cheap it was to do (around £40, we spent more on that on ink cartridges making our RSVPs last time!). Highly recommend this company!

  • I had a problem with my delivery not Hello fault, but the service I received was first class in particular Georgia Collingwood great service

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