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Personalised Writing Instruments

Print all your writing instruments with your own logo and give a personalised touch to your stationery! From pens and pencils to highlighters and writing sets, Helloprint has everything you need!

How Branded Pens Benefit your Business

Marketing efforts don't have to be complicated or expensive to work. Using promotional items like branded pens can be a wonderful way to jump-start your position as a new and emerging company, or increase your chances of becoming a household name. Unfortunately, many companies forget about the value of personalised pens and similar advertising strategies, because they're so focused on spending their budget on high-cost digital strategies and television ads. Sometimes, however, it's the simplest solution that has the biggest impact.

Why Personalised Pens are Perfect for Branding

Pens which outline your contact details or logo might not seem like much when compared to huge banner advertisements. However, they're a unique solution for achieving visibility through grabbing your customer's attention.
Most marketing materials can only serve a single purpose - to send an intended message to a targeted audience. However, logo pens can go one step further, by acting as a writing aid for its owner. In other words, you're not just advertising, you're actively giving your customer something valuable. That helps to create a relationship with your target audience, while increasing the chances that they'll buy from you in the future.
After all, when someone is given a free product from a company, they're more likely to return the favour with purchases and loyalty. Additionally, since a pen is something most of us use every day, you can rest assured that your target market will be constantly exposed to your brand.

Promotional Pens: Where to Use Them

So, you know why branded pens are valuable, but perhaps you need to know a little more about where you can use them to have the best impact. Business pens can be distributed in a range of different ways to build relationships with your target audience. For instance, you could:

• Give them away as part of a competition: People love winning something free, and even if you're only giving away something small like logo pens, you could have a low-cost solution for convincing your customer to remember you.

• Use them as a reward: If someone refers your company to another customer, you could reward them with a set of promotional pens. That way, you're showing your clients that you value them, and appreciate what they do for your business.

• Use them at events: Finally, at professional events and tradeshows, you can remind attendees of your presence by providing them with more than just a business card when they interact with you. Business pens are far more likely to be used over time, increasing your chances of staying at the forefront of your customer or client's memory.

Put Quality First with your Branded Pens

Promotional products like personalised pens are perfect for making an impact on your target customer, and helping them to remember your company. However, just as with any advertising solution, it's crucial to ensure that you make the right impression.
At Helloprint, we use only the best techniques and materials to ensure that your pens look professional, and work perfectly to promote visibility too. After all, you want your pens to last for as long as possible. The longer the item lasts, the more your customer is exposed to your marketing strategy. Our pens are designed for sustainable performance, come with available extras like a comfortable grip, and can be customised with a choice of colour. Your branding print won't rub off while your customer is using the product, and our template designs make creating the ideal personalised pens easier than ever!
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