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Wine Glasses

A good wine should be drunk in a good glass. Impress wine lovers with our personalised wine glasses.

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How can I use personalised wine glasses to promote my brand? Are customised wines glasses cheap to print?

Whatever the season, don’t miss a chance to go a step further with marketing campaigns. Speak the language of a wine lover and entice your customers and partners with an elegant, useful and quality advertising product: Custom wine glasses which, could be your next unique advertising solution! Thanks to the added value they offer to a company or brand, they can become an essential part of any successful promotional campaign. Here are some examples of how to use them for your business: Are you a winemaker, vine grower or wine supplier? Ordering branded wine glasses can be a great opportunity to develop, extend and strengthen your brand and professional image. Printing wine glasses with your logo can be the key detail to help your audience to recognise your brand. Offer them as a gift to your customers along with your bottles of wine and your brochure in a special customised package; this’ll give you the opportunity to include more information about your journey and evoke the feeling of luxuriousness and quality within your customers.

Do you organise wine tasting events, conferences or festivals? Is wine the preferred drink of choice at your celebratory occasions? Make sure that all your toasts are made with your own custom made wine glasses, not only will it reinforce your brand image but they’re a convenient way to ensure the professionality of your event is only boosted. In this way, your business identity will be constantly present throughout all aspects of the event; a subtle strategy to help leave a further good impression with guests and other attendees that see you’ve considered all details. Suitably, bespoke wine glasses don’t have to be ordered for high prices with wholesale availability; there are many affordable bargain prices that make them practical promotional material that can be realistic to corporate and small business advertisers alike.

Do you work in hospitality or the food service industry? Could be a small business or restaurant chain, maybe even a B&B, hostel or hotel. Printing your own branded wine glasses is important to create a cohesive professional appearance for potential leads and customers. Whether you have a bar, cafe, pub or restaurant, serving your drinks in personalized wine glasses is an attractive and cost-effective method for customers to positively associate your brand with their fun, friendly, and enjoyable moments. Are you a catering service? Offer your customers a 100% exclusive experience with personalised wine glass printing. This is sure to be a popular option for special celebrations such as weddings and club events where the glasses and drinks can be personalised with the name of the bride and groom or party name. Such details make a powerful and modern impact that can be organised for a reasonable price not outside of any budget.

How can my wine glass logo be customised?

At Helloprint, we can customise your wine glasses with your own design, slogan or logo. This only needs to be uploaded in a vector PDF file to your order through your online account. This will be checked for free ensuring that once produced, each sip and toast will improve the brand recognition of your service or winery easily and naturally. By using an advertising product like this, you will construct a professional, formal and sophisticated image, values worthy of representing your company. To guarantee the success of a marketing campaign utilising customised wine glasses, we recommend that you select colours, fonts and slogans according to the branding style you would usually use in your advertising and stationery materials.

What type of screen-printed personalised wine glasses are better for my business?

For those who are not familiar with the different forms of printing, screen printing is a printing technique with low cost per unit. In addition to being particularly resistant to the trials of daily use, it allows for a dishwasher friendly item that keeps your custom design on the glass where you’d expect it to be. Working with experts in crystal and glass products, you can print your logo and design in up to four Pantone colours (PMS) onto high quality items, which results in your exclusive monogrammed wine glasses.

Though the UK is not necessarily world renowned for its wine culture, there is still a exceptional appreciation for wine of all kinds here: red, sparkling, sweet, dry, rosé, fine fruity, etc. That’s because this drink form can be considered a true experience where its own codes and nuances can captivate the taste buds of casual drinkers and experts alike. The wide variety of wines from many international and local destinations gives you an idea of the different grapes and aromas that can bring little pieces of the world that little bit closer to you, your colleagues, and your loyal customers.

Fun fact, the shape and design of wine glass can directly influence the oxygenation and as a result, a wine’s flavour. Each glass should ideally have a particular shape to satisfy the most experienced palates. Therefore, the chalice (the part that contains the wine) will differ depending on the age of the wine. With Helloprint, you can find different price list options for promotional wine glasses of excellent quality.

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