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Personalised pencils

Make every stroke inspiring by printing your own design on personalised pencils.

How promotional pencils can boost your brand awareness!

Designing smart marketing strategies to promote your brand can vary depending on the services you offer your clients and customers. After all, the advertising approaches of a café, restaurant, club or pub will likely differ from wedding catering or a finance firm. However, promo pencils are one of those exceptions that’s applicable to almost all businesses. Here’s 4 quick reasons why:

1. Much like branded pens, pencils are a practical item that people from all walks of life will use during their week; did you know your average pencil can supposedly write about 45,000 words? That’s a long-lasting item that can be combined with your branding to advertise to any user.

2. Imprinted pencils are the type of promotional products that are more likely to be kept by recipients because they’re lightweight, easy to carry and handy for drawing or jotting down details anywhere. Could be for writing memos or orders; either way you can keep them or share this promotional stationery with potential leads without worrying they’ll simply be thrown away.

3. Notably, these graphite goodies are inexpensive and convenient compared to many other advertising management options or corporate products. Monogrammed pencils can be ordered wholesale reducing the overall cost when printing your brand on them. This makes a pencil’s logo something that will be often seen or used by office visitors or workplace guests.

4. Additional publicity is possible to generate at conferences, presentations or trade events where businesses can easily include pencils with brochures or in event goodie bags.

Whether you’re a corporate company or small business it’s important to establish channels to promote your offers and invest in promotional products that can get you more traffic. Bottom line is promotional pencils are pretty useful!

What types of personalised pencils are right for you?

Promotional pencils are a branding asset because their variety of types leaves many options for company details, an icon or other small text and content. If you’re looking to invest in promotional merchandise, you can order your logo printed on any one of these promo pencils.

- Standard pencils: They’re your classic pencil, which can be ordered with an eraser or rubber tip.
- Scooby pencils: These pencils include a cute and colourful animal character at the end to add a creative twist to its standard counterpart.
- Refillable pencils: Though pencils will last a long time, they will be used up eventually after long time dealings with a sharpener. A long-lasting option are the refillable alternatives that can be reused as long as it’s filled with replaceable led.
- Crayons: These can be an easy way to brainstorm or a great way to entertain a customer’s children. Whether at a restaurant or at the dentist, personalised crayons are a good distraction for kids of young ages.
- Pencil cases: Though this isn’t a pencil, they can reliably store them, and are available with promotional pencils in different colours. These have a larger print area, meaning whichever UK online printer you settle on (hopefully us), they can print your logo larger.

It’s also possible to combine a logo’s pencil with paint sets, erasers and rulers that all make for handy professional tools or hobby worthy goodies ready to be gifted to gain your brand identity more exposure. Just keep in mind that most online printing sites will print such pencils with a PDF vector file of your corporate logo and designs.

How you can use personalised pencil crayons to impress your customers and colleagues.

Personalised crayons are a great gift idea you can combine with your branding and gift to clients, partners and colleagues. This is especially true for people within your network with children who will appreciate the present. Ordering personalised crayons will go nicely with a colouring set for example and this is something parents will want to keep for their kids. Parents will be more than happy to have such branded gifts because drawing materials are healthy ways to encourage a child’s creativity. This’ll give your business a more favourable image because it shows you’re investing in products that are useful to those you do business with.

If your workplace is a shop that is often visited by families, having a range of colouring crayons around will definitely be appreciated, especially if parents or guardians need to focus. Possessing a range of cohesive business stationery within arm's reach also increases your visual professionality, as it demonstrates to prospects that you’re prepared for many situations and have an eye for detail. How ever you choose to use promotional pencils, whether that be to display the pencil’s logo or for convenient items, they’re surely a worthwhile investment that you shouldn’t hesitate to personalise and order.

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