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Printed travel bags

Promotional Travel Bags: Why you should be printing custom luggage!

You’ve surely heard of ‘walking advertisements’ – it’s one of those favourite advertising terms business’s love to use. Why is that, well because it can apply to so much, printed luggage in particular. Think about it, travel bags go where they’re worn and that could be almost anywhere – local, national, or even international destinations. This means they’re a convenient marketing opportunity to grow awareness of your business and highlight the presence of your services.

When a corporate company or medium-sized/small business invests in promotional travel bags, they’re choosing a unique form of advertising. This being to increase knowledge of their brand image. People encounter an abundance of ads throughout the day, so printed luggage bags are a unique promotional item because they’re an extremely practical goodie. With a range of easily available styles to choose, whether that be drawstring bags, carrier bag, tote bag, shopping bags, or a padded shoulder bag; they’re cost-effective products that will make their way into homes and can be used by individuals from all sectors.

To gain for traction, you need to put your brand on full display, so printing your logo, website address details, or striking graphic designs in bulk both expands your business stationery and can gain you more attention. This helps highlight your presence and establishes affordable channels to incorporate into advertisement management strategies. Whether you want to gain more publicity for professional recruitment purposes or simply generate more word-of-mouth, investing in promotional materials you’ve customised can be a personal introduction to your brand identity.

Monogrammed Luggage: Personalised travel bags make great business gifts, are you overlooking them?

Maybe you’re looking for customer loyalty solutions to keep in your shop or a creative product that you can gift to employees, clients, or partners. It’s possible you’d like to order prizes to share at trade events or matching bags that are ideal for festival or wedding catering. Whatever it is, the sheer diversity of personalised travel bags one would carry provides a large range of possibilities for an organisation. Thus, it’s just a matter of deciding which luggage styles are most comfortable, suitable for your branding, and will catch the eye of your target customers.

Think about it, investing in a range of hand luggage or baggage like a suitcase or backpacks is smart since they’re are essential to the trip or holiday of any passenger. Could be for travelling within the domestic setting of the UK or packing to go the distance; it could be your branded gifts that customers will use for their belongings. The likelihood of this increases if you order personalised luggage constructed from durable or mixed fabric. It’s not a bad idea to have multiple pockets and compartments to the travel bags you choose. The same can apply to handbags, though when choosing suitcases, it’ll bode well to check they’re fit for trains, ferries, and air travel. The sturdier they’re, the longer people will utilise them.

Customers will surely appreciate convenient bags as they help easily reduce their travel costs and expenses when they’ve purchased tickets and are prepping for their departure. Your printed logo or additional designs will offer adults an alternative to making other luggage arrangements.

Printed Luggage Bags: The importance of making monogrammed luggage eye-catching!

If you employ free-lance individuals or have an IT team that can help with artwork graphics, it can produce results to consider the use of printing space with personalised luggage. You may even come across UK printers with easy to use sites that help you create custom bags that you can order in a jiffy. Considering the content of your printed designs can help make the personalised baggage you order more desirable.

Of course, it is an option to simply use a high resolution image or PDF file of your logo to print on the straps of a rucksack for instance; recipients will still use these vessels to transfer their clothing and belongings. Remember, the benefits of providing attractive promotional travel bags can mean a carry bag that a customer wants to use regardless of its storage capacity. As successful marketing teams that’ve used this technique will tell you, designing with potential customers in mind is a good idea. It can allow your promotional travel bags to gain profitable new leads and generate more business sales you wouldn’t have received otherwise.
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We've used dozens of printers over the years for our sports organisation and have always found the costing to be hard to navigate and hidden behind quotes, or the artwork process even more tedious and frustrating. Too many printers won't provide decent proofs/mockups or assist with any of the artwork being provided. Helloprint are genuinely 'spot on' in all respects. Whether it's standard printing or merchandising, there's nobody we can find who provides such a straightforward, transparent, clearly-priced process. What's more is we have found their artwork revision process to be invaluable. More than once they have revised our artwork for us to make it fit the product better, and the review process leaves no room for error. It's an absolutely fantastic service and company with very fast turnaround and excellent product quality. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Amazing quality, fast turnaround! Jenny Butters 7.09.2020

Helloprint is now the go-to supplier for my small business. The quality is great every time and the items always arrive before expected. So happy to have finally found a company I can rely on! The team is always super helpful too. Thank you!

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