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💯 100% satisfaction

Satisfaction Guaranteed

 Happy Customers. <br> __Our No.1 Priority!__

Happy Customers.
Our No.1 Priority!

Read about our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your order, we offer a reprint free of charge, or you will get your money back. Read how it works below.

How it works

If you are unhappy with your order, you can let us know via the complaint form. Please provide a detailed explanation alongside images clearly showing the issue(s). Based on this, our Customer Experience team will assess the complaint asap. If your complaint is deemed to be valid, you have three options to choose from;

  • Return your order and receive a free reprint with our fastest delivery time
  • Return your order and receive a full refund
  • Keep your product and receive a refund or discount of 10%

What we guarantee

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on everything that is in our control. The quality of your prints highly depends on the quality of your artwork. We do our best to help you with your design, but we cannot guarantee the quality of your design. You can expect us to strive for the highest quality. Our packaging must ensure that your order arrives undamaged. In addition, we ensure that we send your order as quickly as possible, so that our logistics partners have enough time to deliver your order.

What we do not guarantee

As said, our guarantee applies to everything that we have an influence on. If you submit artwork with a typo or layout error, we can't take responsibility for that. Also if you do not give us the correct information for delivery, we can not guarantee that your order arrives on time. You just have to pay a little more attention next time. The same applies to delayed delivery due to extreme weather conditions. If severe weather conditions apply, then we hope you understand that it is difficult for both our producers and logistics partners to work on schedule. In these extreme circumstances our guarantee does not apply. Same counts for orders in December, when the whole country goes Christmas shopping, there might be some delays.

Product Returns

All of our products come personalised to our customers’ specifications. As a result of which, we standardly are unable to accept returns. Please contact our customer service team or check out our terms & conditions to learn more.

Lowest Price Guarantee

With us, you'll never pay too much. We stand behind our promise of the Lowest Price Guarantee. Here's how it works: If you order a product from us and find it at a lower price elsewhere, we'll refund you the difference.

To qualify for our guarantee, please ensure that the product you're comparing is an exact match to ours. This includes factors such as quantity, turnaround time, size, material, and other relevant specifications. It's crucial to inform us of the overpayment before the product is delivered to you. You can easily report a higher price by sending us a message via our contact page, including a link to the product you're comparing. It's important to note that our Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to products publicly available at non-discounted prices accessible to all.