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Using custom sticker printing to outshine your competition.

Are you looking for a way to stand out from the competition? Printed stickers might just be the secret weapon that you have been looking for. Stickers are often seen as a complementary product, they are used in order to let something else be more attention grabbing. Due to this, many people either under estimate the impact custom stickers can have or simply forget about them altogether. Meaning that they can be a great opportunity for you to boost your marketing campaigns and efforts in a very cost-effective way. Here are our top 3 reasons to use custom sticker printing to boost your marketing efforts and generate brand awareness:

1. It’s cheap!
First and foremost, as mentioned before, printed stickers are very cost effective. One of the biggest elements to consider in marketing campaign is the almost always the budget. The wonderful thing about stickers is that sticker printing services are very cheap. Combine that with how effective they can be at making your products grab your customers’ attention and you’ll see that there is no reason not to get printed stickers.

2. Stickers are flexible advertising materials.
Stickers are unique in the sense that they can stick on anything. Which isn’t a new concept, we all knew that already. However, it’s a different concept when you start thinking about how you can use them. A well-designed sticker, by nature, will grab people’s attention. Which means that they can be utilised to either communicate your brand or a short message to your customers and that, depending on the size of the sticker and where they are placed, can reach a large audience.

3. Invaluable to your branding efforts.
Lastly, printed stickers are a very effective tool to communicate with your target audience for their entire life time. For as long as they stick to a certain type of material, they will make a lasting relationship with either existing customers or potential customers who notice them while passing by. Essentially becoming a long-lasting source of free branding after the initial investment.

How to make the perfect printed sticker!

Having to design your own stickers and finding out how to get them printed properly can seem like a challenging task. However, it’s a lot simpler than you would think, especially with Helloprint. There are only a couple of things that you really need to think about.

  • Shape and size.
    The first choice you should make is deciding what shape and size you will pick for your stickers. This is because everything else you do will depend on this choice, so make sure you know what you want when making this choice. For example, if you’re going for small sized stickers, you won’t be able to fit much more than just a logo on it. If the sticker design you have in mind consists of a lot of text, then it would be a good idea to go for a larger sticker in order to ensure that your text will be legible.

  • The right colours and typography.
    The whole purpose of stickers is to grab a person’s attention. In order to do so, they need to look appealing. So, it’s important to make sure your stickers are colourful and contrasting to ensure that they stand out and that you use a clear and easy to read font to ensure your message comes across clearly as well.

  • Include your brand and a call to action.
    As mentioned before, there are multiple uses for stickers as a promotional tool. If you want to mention something special about your products or services then you can use a sticker on a flyer or a piece of packaging. For example, if you really want to put emphasis on a special sale or discount you have on a product, then using a sticker can be very effective to making people aware of your special deals. As they are often what stands out to your customers, it is your opportunity to also communicate a message or your logo to them. This way you can get more attention from customers towards your brand and your products.

Still unsure about how you should design your stickers? Here at Helloprint we have a convenient online sticker design tool for you to use. There you can choose from any of our free sticker templates and make your very own custom stickers with ease and if you are still running into trouble then you can always contact us! Helloprint is always happy to help in any way you need.
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