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Design your own stickers <br>

Design your own stickers

With thousands of sticker templates to choose from, you don’t have to get stuck on designing your own stickers online for your brand!

Design your own stickers online: Which templates can you choose from?

There are lots of options you can choose from. For every sticker design there is a template available! It's very simple: the only thing you need to do is search for the template in the tool and discover thousands of options. Your perfect stickers, right in front of you! Let's look at some template ideas that you can choose from:
How to design and print <br> your Stickers

How to design and print
your Stickers

  • Select your Stickers template (1000+ available!)

  • Make your design personal with images, fonts, icons and graphics

  • Finish and approve your design

  • Wait for your Stickers to be delivered to your doorstep


How to make your stickers online for free?

Designing anything online can be complicated and time consuming, especially when jumping between different tools. However, with Helloprint making stickers has never been easier! We’ve partnered with Canva to make all your design worries disappear! With our Canva powered design software, the possibilities are endless. Thousands of amazing stock images for free? You got it. Free sticker design templates? All yours. Whether you're creating stickers to promote a sale or to express your message. Get stuck in and explore the free online templates now!

What can I use stickers templates for?

The stickers templates are multi-purpose. By combining Canva's wide library of templates and Helloprint's range of paper styles, weights and finishes, you're sure to get the best stickers for your business out there. Are you looking to communicate a safety message? Take a look at the available safety sticker designs. Or if you want to portray your logo on packages, you can create a beautiful logo sticker design. Looking for a way to make your laptop a bit more personal? The laptop sticker designs can help you with that. Are you labelling products with a promotional goal? The label sticker designs are the perfect match for your wishes.

Whether you're creating stickers to promote a sale or to express your personal message, with this design tool you can really put the stick, in stickers! Check it out!

How to design a sticker?

Unsure where to start or what to watch out for when creating your own stickers online? We know the feeling. Luckily, we are here to help! There are a few things to watch out for when you are designing your stickers. Keep in mind that your lines are not too thin, that you implement the right colours and that your design is far enough from the edge so that it's not cutting your actual design. You don't have to manually implement this, the Canva design tool provides the check for you! You just need to double check in the tool and approve.
Other than this, when using the templates for stickers you are free to design however you like with your stickers templates! Let your imagination run wild and make your design stick!

Still need design help?

Feel free to contact our team of experts who can guide you with design questions or help with ideas. You can contact them through all of our live channels including our phone lines and online chat rooms.

Get inspired by all the amazing template options for your design!