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Custom sunglasses: The best summer solution for company promotion

If you want to take your promotional strategies outdoors this summer, what could be more appealing than a pair of trendy, high-quality printed sunglasses, tailor-made to your brand's specifications? As the weather gets hotter, and people are spending less time in stuffy conference halls, and more time out exploring branded events, personalised sunglasses have proven effective year-after-year, at boosting company awareness, and customer loyalty. After all, whether your aim is to capture the attention of business clients, or everyday consumers, it's worth noting that today's consumers aren't always impressed by cheap, everyday items. If you want your promotional products to stand out, then you need to find something that shows off the style and personality of your company. Sourcing printed shades could be the perfect solution.

Why consider personalised sunglasses for your brand

Shades are a simple and fashionable way to capture the attention of your target audience. You can choose bulk sunglasses for your brand designed to get you noticed, by picking designs with UV protected glass, colourful frames, and stylish accents. Because your customers, staff members, and clients will grab their shades every time the sun comes out, you can rest assured that your branded eyewear will stay with them wherever they go this summer, acting as the perfect vehicle for advertising your company. As the perfect hot-weather accessory, your eyeglasses will improve the reach of your branding efforts, taking your business far beyond the office, to festivals, shopping malls, carnivals, and more. The more appealing your promotional sunglasses are, thanks to a trendy shape, polarized lenses, and a durable frame, the more likely your customers will be to keep wearing them throughout the summer months. In fact, even when the sun isn't shining, your clients may choose to keep your printed sunglasses safely tucked away in a drawer until the next time the rays peek out from behind the clouds.

How to make the most of promotional sunglasses

There are plenty of ways you can make the most of a bulk shades order for your company. For instance, use your sunglasses logo at a branded event, by giving your glasses away to the people that attend as a fantastic freebie. Customers love the opportunity to walk away from any event with something free, and printed sunglasses offer the extra benefit of being an incredibly useful, highly sought-after item. Show your customers and clients that you care about them by giving them a free pair of personalised shades with their purchase. By handing out a pair of shades designed not only to promote your company, but to go with any outfit too, you can build loyalty among your valuable customers. After all, what better way to show your clients you care than to protect them from the glare of the sun? You could bundle up your custom sunglasses with other items, such as sunscreen a beach ball, and other pieces, for a free summer giveaway. This is a great way to increase engagement among the men and women that already like your brand. All you need to do is show off your brand-new sunglasses collection, and ask your customers to enter a contest. After that, delighting your customers is as simple as picking a name out of a hat.

Sourcing bulk sunglasses

There are many more ways that you can make the most out of a summer-friendly promotional gift like a pair of printed shades, and the great news is that every time your customers wear your glasses, they'll be promoting your business on your behalf. That means at any time, you've always got people out in public, wearing your brand for you, and helping you capture the attention of new customers. It's crucial to make sure that your promotional sunglasses are high quality if you want them to have the best impact on your audience. By sourcing durable glasses, with a print that's designed to last a lifetime, you can rest assured that your customers keep directing fresh business back to your company, year after year. At Helloprint, we use the best techniques to make sure your shades always make the right impression.


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