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Our vision on Sustainable Printing

Our vision on Sustainable Printing

At HelloPrint, we believe it is our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and embrace new ways of doing business. While we cannot solve all of the world’s challenges alone, we can do our part to improve the environmental footprint of our industry. Our vision on sustainability is reflected in our sustainability journey, which is leading in the choices that we’re making.

Our Commitment to Make an Impact

At HelloPrint, we think it’s crucial to take into consideration the environmental impact of our products. This is particularly important since a significant amount of advertising, promotional, and giveaway materials are produced in large quantities for distribution and are typically designed for single-use. Choosing the right materials is the biggest challenge but also the biggest opportunity to make a real impact on the environment and society.
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We believe the world of tomorrow is our world 🌿

  • We are a B Corp

    HelloPrint is an official B Corp. With this certification, we commit to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance to balance profit and purpose.

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  • FSC® Certified

    HelloPrint is proud to be FSC certified. Some of our carefully selected products are sourced from forests managed to rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards.

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  • Our Impact Report

    HelloPrint's impact report provides a comprehensive overview of our environmental footprint while showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

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  • Sustainable Products

    We are rapidly expanding our sustainable product offering by carefully selecting products with the highest standards towards sustainability.

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B Corp: Leading the Sustainability Transformation

We are proud to announce that we are officially B Corp Certified, a designation that is given to businesses that meet high standards of verified performance, legal accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits, to environmental performance, supply chain practices and materials used.

We recognise that HelloPrint’s transition to the most sustainable marketplace for customised printed products worldwide is not going to happen overnight. We consider this certification as our first step towards our vision to create a sustainable future for our customers, communities and suppliers.
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Our Sustainable Product Range 🌱

Our commitment to sustainability was showcased magnificently at our INSPIRE festival. Utilising our eco-friendly product range, the event not only succeeded but also highlighted our dedication to the planet. This approach not only enhanced the festival experience but also strengthened our brand’s promise to sustainability. Every detail, crafted with care, demonstrated that you can achieve great things without compromising on environmental values.

Our Impact Report

We recognize our responsibility to reduce the environmental impact of the products we sell and minimize the emissions related to our supply chain network. This commitment is why we aspire to be Net Zero by 2030 and aim for more than 90% of our sales to be produced by suppliers who meet high sustainable standards. Our latest Sustainability Report 2023 showcases our ongoing efforts, progress, and areas where we need to intensify our actions. Read our 2023 Impact Report here.
__HelloPrint's mission__

HelloPrint's mission

We understand the impact of our industry. Given the large volume of single-use promotional materials, it is crucial to transition to sustainable alternatives. It is our mission to work closely together with our partners on an offering that reduces the environmental impact and contribute to a positive future for generations to come.

Our business model: Produce locally, Shop globally

When starting our marketplace back in 2013, we reinvented ordering print by making it as easy as buying a book or shoes online. Abdicating the ownership of production locations, we created a network of manufacturers around the globe, revolutionising the industry by making ordering customised products user-friendly.

‍ Our large network of suppliers in key locations allows us to produce and ship much closer to our customers and reduce our CO2 emissions significantly compared to traditional business models.

Our sustainable standards

To clarify our standards, we evaluate our products based on low-impact materials, their absence of harmful substances, the responsibility of their usage, and their benefit for people and the planet. Here's a guide to help you make informed choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Can I request carbon neutral shipping for my order?

Can I request carbon neutral shipping for my order?

We prioritise eco-friendly shipping through our partnership with EcoCart. Our CO2 compensation option lets you offset emissions from your orders by supporting environmental projects. Click the button in your cart to contribute to initiatives preserving trees, benefiting communities, and promoting a healthier planet.
While not available for all products yet, we're working to expand this eco-friendly choice across our entire range for more opportunities to make a positive impact.

How can I dispose of or recycle my personalised prints?

How can I dispose of or recycle my personalised prints?

HelloPrint is committed to sustainability. Please responsibly dispose of and recycle our products. For paper-based materials, remove metal components before recycling. Check local options for recycling vinyl banners. Paper stickers and labels are recyclable, while plastic or vinyl ones may need special attention. For clothing, donate gently-used items and explore local textile recycling for worn-out pieces. Choose corporate gifts with minimal packaging and recyclable materials. Follow local recycling guidelines for a more environmentally conscious future.
It's crucial to adhere to local recycling guidelines, and we encourage customers to select products with sustainability in mind and follow proper disposal practices, contributing to a more environmentally conscious future.

How do we make print more sustainable?

How do we make print more sustainable?

HelloPrint is dedicated to sustainable printing, offering customised products that meet your needs while positively impacting the planet. We prioritise eco-friendly practices by selecting low-impact materials, ensuring superior biodegradability or recyclability. Our commitment extends to reducing harmful substances in manufacturing, aiming to minimise the environmental footprint throughout the product life cycle. We promote sustainability through education and collaboration, raising awareness among employees, partners, and customers. Our product focus includes reusable options to reduce waste, aligning with our commitment to a circular economy. With over 300 partners, we collectively work towards a more sustainable future, limiting the carbon footprint of our products.

Do you have any certifications or eco-labels to validate your eco-friendly claims?

Do you have any certifications or eco-labels to validate your eco-friendly claims?

While we are actively working towards obtaining certifications and eco-labels to validate our eco-friendly claims across most of our product categories, we are particularly proud to highlight our extensive range of sustainable clothing. This clothing line collaborates with suppliers certified by reputable organisations such as FairWear, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) for both organic blends and fully organic products, BSI Amfori, Recycled Claim Standard, Oekotex, Made2Flow, and Better Cotton. These certifications underscore our commitment to ensuring ethical and environmentally friendly practices throughout the entire supply chain. As we strive for continuous improvement, our goal is to extend these certifications to cover a broader spectrum of our products, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability and transparency.

How can I know if a product is eco or sustainable?

How can I know if a product is eco or sustainable?

To ensure eco-friendliness and sustainability in our customised print products, we prioritise practices that minimise environmental impact, emphasising reduced use of harmful substances and resource conservation. Our commitment includes using vegetable-based inks, eco-friendly processes, and recycled materials. We go beyond mere eco-friendliness to embrace sustainability, considering long-term impacts on the environment, society, and the economy. We evaluate sustainability holistically, partnering with socially responsible certified suppliers for an ethical supply chain. Additionally, we prioritise highly biodegradable products to reduce long-term environmental impact. Our dedication reflects a commitment to responsible business practices, seeking a harmonious balance between immediate needs and the well-being of future generations.

 Are the inks and adhesives that you use for your eco-friendly products also eco-friendly?

Are the inks and adhesives that you use for your eco-friendly products also eco-friendly?

Our inks and adhesives for eco-friendly products are consciously chosen to minimise environmental impact. In clothing production, we're shifting to DTF water-based inks, ensuring vibrant prints while reducing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Our eco-friendly stickers offer various sustainable options, including solvent-free toner, biodegradable adhesives, and water-based glue. For paper products, we prioritise inkjet techniques for lower energy consumption and emissions. As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability, we're actively integrating more water-based inks, reflecting our dedication to cutting-edge, eco-friendly technologies across all printing operations.