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Printed Tablecloths

Set the stage and your table with personalised printed tablecloths. Make sure every element of your dining experience is to your specifications with specially made tablecloths

From the blog

HelloPrint was launched with one big mission: making ordering print easy for everyone everywhere. From our own personal experiences, we've discovered that ordering print is not that easy. So, we've created a blog full of helpful, inspirational articles & a YouTube channel filled with videos to make your next print order super easy!

Tablecloth printing: You set the table!

Our printed tablecloths are truly eye-catching! Let's be honest, a table is not the nicest object in your room and as a luxurious restaurant, you would pick a tablecloth with your logo over simple placemats, would you not? You would print your stunning tablecloth using all the colours of the rainbow, with beautiful patterns or recognisable branding. Everything is possible. From pillows and curtains to napkins and dish towels: your company logo or company name can (and should!) be recognisable on all items. So having a branded tablecloth with your logo printed on it is not as crazy as it sounds!

Why printed tablecloths are awesome!

Printing your own tablecloth is a good idea for anywhere where you have tables and chairs lying around. Your tables will not only stand out to people, printed table cloths also ensure that your tables stay clean. Nobody wants to start the day with coffee stains… That is why having a branded tablecloth is incredibly popular at companies. It is a cheap and visually appealing way to show off your company name and logo. You quickly transform something as simple as a table into a powerful communication tool that reinforces your brand. A tablecloth with your logo empowers your marketing campaigns at very attractive rates and ensures that your branding is represented in detail. Unaware customers, new partners and leads that are looking for a company often have an eye for these details. Believe it or not, there is a whole psychological aspect behind tablecloths!

Furthermore, another advantage of printing a tablecloth is that the final product takes up almost no space. At HelloPrint you can also find poufs and chairs, which are also large in size and take up a lot of space during transportation. Whilst a tablecloth with a printed design, which you can design from scratch, is easily folded. Once it arrives, simply lay it over your table, desk or standing table and suddenly you have a giant surface that shows your logo. A big advertisement for a small price, that also makes your workplace look more attractive. Furthermore, a tablecloth is easily combined with other promotional items. You can place them next to posters, roll-up banners or a team outfit. Ultimately, they are ideal as a stand-alone product, however, they also enhance your brand experience in combination with other products. At a fair, in a restaurant with a luxurious atmosphere or just at home, for the fun of it. There are unlimited occasions for which you can use a printed tablecloth.

Still unsure about how your print should look like? No problem! We print our tablecloths in full colour, meaning that you can even use a photograph as a design. Whether you want to use a pattern, holiday pictures, collage or logo, at HelloPrint you are at the right place.

Tablecloths with prints: this is why you use them!

The most common use is in the catering industry as there are more than enough tables to cover and more than enough atmosphere to create. Ever notice how almost all restaurants decorate their dining areas with printed textiles? From printed napkins to a curtain with silkscreens, the atmosphere they provide is not limited to only yellow lights in decorative windlights. Printed tablecloths also contributes to the dining experience! However, you can also create your own design for your home. Simply search the internet for a pattern that you like or use your own photographs or designs. Send in your own design and you will have a completely unique tablecloth in no time, just make sure that you keep in mind the delivery specifications when uploading.

Lastly, branded tablecloths are also very popular at trade fairs. Cover your long tables with a tablecloth that has your logo on it and let your stand at the fair stand out from the rest. Do you want a nice decorative addition to your Christmas dinner or a way to celebrate a big milestone? A tablecloth will help with that as well. So, what are you waiting for?
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    Fabulous all round

    Easy to upload, extremely quick free delivery, great quality. Very happy, thank you!

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    Easy to order. Delivered on time. Good quality printing.

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    Excellent as always

    Excellent as always. Good quality products, fast turnover and easy ordering.

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    Amazing service. Was a last minute joke present but went through quickly and delivery was very fast! Thank you so much.

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    Speed and excellent colour and printed…

    Speed and excellent colour and printed beautifully.

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    Good website

    Good website, easy ordering, good product, excellent delivery and price

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