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T-shirt Printing

One of the best ways of spreading a message is wearing it everywhere you go. Print your own custom T-shirts!

  • Brand: Sol's
  • Men fit: Regular / Women fit: Slim
  • 150 g/m² Material

20 Budget t-shirts now for £ 197.95

Printed area on chest and back

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What do you need your T-shirts for?

One Time Event

One Time Event

When you need T-shirt for a one off occasion, go for our promo T-shirts. These are our best option when you're looking for the cheapest price and they will only be used a couple of times. The shirts are made of 100% cotton, come in all sizes and you can pick from a wide variety of colours.

Promo t-shirts

Team T-shirts

See all t-shirts

Team T-shirts

See all t-shirts

Need T-shirts for your team members? Go for our basic T-shirts. These shirts are durable and of good quality, so can be used time and time again. You can pick from a wide variety of colours and the shirts are available as male and female variants.



See all sportswear


See all sportswear

When you're looking for sport shirts for your team, our sports T-shirts are your best bet. The shirt is made of 100% breathable polyester and is therefor perfectly suitable for working out.


Winter workouts

Winter workouts

Real athletes don't let the winter season hold them back, especially if they're wearing our basic long sleeve T-shirts to keep them warm. The shirts have a striking look and are made of 100% breathable polyester, which make them perfect for sports.

Basic Long Sleeve Sports T-shirts

The Psychology of Dressing in Team Uniforms

If you want to know how to bring a team together, create team uniforms. Whether it’s for work, sport or just for fun branded clothing will foster team building and boost team spirit.

Wearing a uniform makes everyone feel like they are all working together to achieve one common goal. This encourages the mindset that you have each other’s backs, and when you come across a challenging you’re all in it together!
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Digital or Screen Printing?

There are two different ways to print a T-shirt, by digital printing and screen printing. But what do those terms actually mean?

In this video you will learn about the key differences between the two options. We will also tell you everything you need to know so that you can make the right choice on which printing method you should choose to print your T-shirts.

T-shirts make the dream work

Choose from one of our many attractive designs that are super easy to customise!

  • Purchased a customised jacket, came within the two estimated weeks and looks great. Very helpful customer service too.

    Ellen SJ Kerbey
  • This was my first order with Hello Print. The t-shirts and hoodies are of good quality and exactly as ordered. Lindsey, Happiness Wrapped Ltd

    Lindsey, Happiness Wrapped Ltd
  • Excellent website. Excellent T-shirt’s even though I got the budget ones. Design was perfect. And the live chat lady that helped me was very nice and quick. Overall would definitely recommend for service, easiness and speed. 10/10



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