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Don't let the rainy weather ruin your day in style with promotional umbrellas printed with your logo!

Promotional Umbrellas: Why ordering printed umbrellas is worth it!

When planning the advertising budget of a company or charity, the action of deciding on custom goods representing the brand requires some thought. After all, custom accessories and items will be displaying the name and logo of the organisation and be affiliated with many in its network. Whilst pens, mugs, and bags are often favoured, personalised umbrellas are worth considering. This may come as a surprise to those that are familiar with the UK's unpredictable wet weather conditions, that can go from sunny to torrential in a matter of minutes. Due to this, tissues at the bottom of pockets and handbags will not be the best form of defence against heavy pouring rain that'll give you a second shower. It will save anyone from wet clothes to carry a company umbrella which seamlessly blends utility with advertising.

The design possibilities of an umbrella allows them to be changeable. From classic umbrellas, to wind withstanding ones, to compact and foldable options; there are many styles that a business could opt for. This implies that there is surely something to gift to customers, clients, partners and employees with, who can all benefit from receiving this outdoor defender. The dual ability of promo umbrellas allows them to become mini-parasols in warmer conditions, where the canopy can protect fragile skin from the sun. Otherwise, they're the next best thing to being inside when the weather forecast didn't warn that the hot weather had been cancelled and that your "rain appointment" is imminent. At their low cost, you won't regret producing company umbrellas with logos to shield their holders come rain or shine.

Umbrella Printing: Why using branded umbrellas is effective advertising at its best!

Branded umbrellas may seem rather mundane at first, but they're worth considering when planning your corporate stationery. The charm of umbrellas is that they're meant to function outside. This means that they'll definitely be used and seen considering the rain that frequents the UK. More importantly, so will your logo considering the large print areas possible with printed umbrellas. Creating an umbrella logo is a good start to introduce and remind others of your business services. This makes umbrella printing a no-brainer, as you can simply print your logo or distinctive designs onto large quantities to improve your brand's reach. With print technology and equipment, the requirements can be as simple as you following specifications and uploading your PDF vector file designs to an online printer's website. In the correct layout and format you can expect high-quality results from the printing process.

This can all be quickly set up through the internet, with a variety of online websites providing reliable services for promotional umbrellas. This helps to make them incredibly cost-effective because of the competitive print offers you can benefit from on a local, regional and national level. Although many types of advertising products end up in the bin, this is unlikely to happen with printed umbrellas. Largely due to their usefulness, as someone is bound to need an umbrella more than once in England. Luckily, the quality is generally quite high so the long term value of this product ensures it will both protect the user and be a travelling advertisement for your brand.

Corporate Umbrellas: Why to consider colour with umbrella printing.

With personalised umbrellas, it is worth thinking about the colours you want to use before you order. Many online suppliers give you the ability to choose the umbrella colours before you upload your company logo. You can create attractive merchandise comprised of striking colours that match your business logo. However, depending on the firm, it may be advised to opt for colours that are more traditional as not to draw too much attention away from your branding. With this in mind, it may be more effective to create colour contrast. For example, if your logo is comprised of vibrant light colours, it will catch the eye of passer-bys more if the canopy is constructed from dark coloured material (and vice versa). The point is to strike a balance between alluring umbrellas that can be used often, and visual communication that will get your service more visibility.
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