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Personalised and Branded Umbrellas

Stay dry in style with custom umbrellas! Print promotional umbrellas for any occasion and showcase your brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are promotional umbrellas affordable?

Our range of umbrellas provides a cost-effective solution for every budget. Our variety includes low-cost umbrellas such as the Foldable Umbrella, which can be seamlessly customised with your logo or design. Our cheap umbrellas offer affordability without compromising quality. While they may be less sturdy than other alternatives, they still provide reliable protection. For those seeking a sturdier and long-lasting option, our Stormproof Umbrella crafted from high-quality materials is the ideal choice.

What are the benefits of personalised umbrellas?

Personalised umbrellas not only protect you from the rain but also serve as a stylish fashion statement. An umbrella customised with your company's logo or unique design can function as a mobile advertisement that is both cost-effective and practical. This makes them ideal for personal use or as promotional items to elevate your business or brand.

Which branded umbrellas do you offer?

We offer a diverse range of branded umbrellas suitable for various occasions! Our small umbrellas have a diameter of less than 100cm, while standard umbrellas range from diameters of 100-200cm, and our large umbrellas exceed 120cm in diameter. For a professional and long-lasting option, consider our branded golf umbrellas. Our windproof umbrellas are also highly durable and are great for sporting events. If you're in search of compact promotional umbrellas, we also have options to suit your needs.

How can I add my company’s logo to custom umbrellas?

It's super easy to print an umbrella with a company logo. Adding your company's logo creates corporate umbrellas that are guaranteed to impress customers, colleagues, and employees alike. Corporate umbrellas are also a great choice for companies wanting to advertise their brand as they escort guests to meetings or conferences, or hand out as giveaways or gifts. Easily upload your logo to our editor or design online and get printing! Be sure to check out our design guidelines located on all of our product pages.

Can custom umbrellas be printed on more than one panel?

Custom umbrella printing at HelloPrint standardly involves printing on a single panel of the umbrella. If you would like to have your design printed on multiple panels or areas of the umbrella, don't hesitate to request a quote for personalized umbrellas. Our dedicated quotes team is readily available to assist you with your specific requirements.

Can I order custom umbrellas for a small event, bulk buy, or is there a minimum/maximum order quantity?

Umbrellas are available in various quantities, starting from as low as 10 and increasing in increments of 25,50, and up to 1000, depending on the type. You can choose smaller quantities or opt to buy umbrellas in bulk for a more cost-effective per-piece price. If the desired quantity isn't listed on the product page, feel free to contact our team to request a quote.
  • 11.06.2024

    Great service and a quality product

    Great service and a quality product

    Paul Lewis
  • 11.06.2024

    Really impressed

    Really impressed, arrived on time and considering the low quality imagenI provided it looks fantastic

    Oliver Picken
  • 11.06.2024

    Good quality print delivered on time

    Good quality print delivered on time! Reliable.

  • 10.06.2024

    Fantastic quick and easy professional…

    Fantastic quick and easy professional printing.

  • 10.06.2024

    Excellent work

    Excellent work, prompt delivery and affordable. Thank you!

    Charlotte Storrs of Charlotte Storrs Stoneware
  • 10.06.2024

    Reasonable prices and speedy delivery

    Reasonable prices and speedy delivery


Umbrellas as promotional tools

When setting your company's advertising budget, the choice of custom printed products representing your brand should be a strategic one. These branded products prominently feature your organisation's name and logo, and quality is of utmost importance. Umbrellas, especially in the UK, where weather can quickly change from sunny to torrential, are essential promotional assets. They serve as reliable advertising tools, providing practical and effective protection against abrupt downpours.

Umbrella printing UK: Unlock the potential

Umbrellas not only keep you dry, but also acts as a discreet yet impactful promotional asset. At first glance, custom umbrellas might appear unremarkable, but don't underestimate their capacity to evolve into powerful walking advertisements for your brand. Unlike many promotional products that end up discarded, umbrellas remain highly practical.

Umbrella styles: A smart investment

Umbrellas offer a range of versatile styles. Whether it's classic umbrellas, windproof designs, or compact and foldable options, there's a branded umbrella for everyone. These versatile choices make them perfect gifts for customers, clients, partners, and employees. With their affordability, producing umbrellas with your logo is a smart investment to keep your recipients dry and happy.

Corporate umbrellas: The impact of colour

When ordering corporate umbrellas, it's pivotal to consider your colour scheme carefully. Striking the right balance between catching attention and preserving your brand is essential. We recommend opting for traditional colours to maintain your brand's identity. If you're uncertain about which style or colour umbrella to choose, our customer service team is here to help.