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Discover our wall art materials


Do you offer different materials for wall decoration?

Yes we do! At this moment you can print your photo on a variety of materials: Aluminium, Canvas, Plexiglass, Forex and Poster. We are looking into expanding our assortment with more materials. Do you have a preferance or require a material that we don't offer at the moment? Please contact us to give us feedback or ask for a quote.

What is the best material for photo wall art?

Depending on your photo, interior and personal taste, you can choose the type of material which best fits your wall decoration.
For a natural style, a canvas or poster brings out the life like colours of your wall decoration. To print photo's on materials like plexiglass and aluminium, it's important to take the placing into account.
For an industrial interior, aluminium is a great material to print your photo on. However plexiglass fits better with a bright or minimalistic environment.
Forex is the best material if you want to display your photo in public places or in kidsrooms.
Do you need help with choosing the best material for your photo and interior? Contact us for personal advice.

What a good size for my wall photo print?

The best way to transfer the colours and details of your favourite photo to wall canvas is to use an image with high resolution. Assuming that the resolution is good, you can pick the right format. Generally speaking, the photo canvases around 11×14 and greater are perfect to hang on the wall. Going a bit more into details, 20×30 and 30×40 photo canvases would look great above a couch, staircase, or on a larger wall. Another rule of thumb when it comes to picking the wall art size, is that the print should take from 55% to 80% of the wall width.

What is the largest photo product you offer?

The largest photo product we offer at the moment is the textile poster (120 x 175 cm). Other large photo products we offer are Canvas (100 x 100 cm) for indoor and outdoor use and Canvas with frame (100 x 150 cm). Our largest Poster (84 x 118 cm) is basically 1m2 (84 x 118 = 0,99 m2) and therefore also a perfect solution if you're searching for a large photo product.

Is a photo also suitable for hanging outside?

Yes! Several of our materials can also be used outdoors. The following wall decoration products can be hung outside in the garden, on a terrace or just to spice up your outdoor walls: Canvas outdoor, aluminium (basic & brushed) and plexiglass. Forex can be used outside, however it's not weatherproof so for the best result you can either hang it outside under a roof or use it only temporarily outside.