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Printed drinkware

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Giving Out Promotional Drinkware.

What is drinkware? Drinkware, or sometimes called beverageware, is a collective term referring to the class of vessels from which people drink. This includes stemware, which are glasses that stand on stems, as well as bottles, which are narrow neck containers made of an impermeable material. Helloprint offers a variety of drinkware products from the famous Doppers, to mugs, transparent water bottles, Thermos flasks, and wine or beer glasses. All customisable to your own liking!

1. Many People Own Promotional Drinkware
Surprisingly, there are plenty of consumers who own promotional drinkware. This means that they are likely to accept and use one. This clearly shows that there is demand for promotional drinkware.

2. People Are More Receptive to Companies Who Give Them Promotional Drinkware
People love free goods, especially if it is useful. Who would not? For this reason, giving your customers promotional drinkware makes it likely for them to bring their business everywhere. Furthermore, the more they drink from it, the more your brand gets the exposure it needs to bring more customers in. At the same time, your customers will remember you more.

3. Promotional Drinkware Lasts Long
Custom drinkware like coffee mugs or glassware has longevity. They make good investments because they are used daily while endorsing your brand at the same time. Additionally, this free brand exposure will help you save more money for other marketing activities you have planned ahead. This will also ensure that your customers remember your brand for years to come. This will also make your customers more comfortable about your brand, making them more inclined to trust you to meet their needs.

Tips on Customising Your Promotional Drinkware

To make your promotional drinkware more effective in endorsing your brand, it is vital that you consider the following tips:

  1. Personalise your drinkware based on the event you are spearheading or attending. For instance, if it is a sporting event, then customise it by using icons that represent the highlighted sport. If it is a new branch opening, then include symbols that are related to your business and or correlate it the speciality of the newly opened branch.

  2. Make sure you have ample time to design, produce, and deliver your custom drinkware. This ensures that they are in perfect condition and they arrive in the event on time.

  3. Choose a trustworthy supplier such as Helloprint. We offer countless custom drinkware that is popular and eco-friendly. We can provide you with extra fresh-looking drinking bottles that display your logo and brand name. We also have custom coffee mugs that will complete your day. We also have drinkware that will fit any occasion you are planning to organise.

When you bring your business to us, you can expect us to provide you with whatever personalised drinkware that will meet your need. Feel free to contact us online and we will be more than happy to listen to your business concerns.
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