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Exceptional Service. Went an extra mile. KICC Kingdom Harvest 7.04.2020

HelloPrint's customer service was excellent and delivery was swift. I dealt with about five different members of staff at different points and received the same high level of excellent service. Overall, they were kind, patient and did a fantastic job with our banner. They even help to re-design the submitted work when they found it to be of low resolution, at no extra cost! We will definitely recommend them again and again. Tokky KICC Kingdom Harvest

Great service david s 5.04.2020

Great service . I have used Helloprint 6 times now for booklet printing and you get great service .

Great service!! Caroline Thompson 2.04.2020

Great service!!! Staff couldn’t be more helpful!!

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Using Promotional Products to Expand Brand Awareness

Today's digital-first environment has meant that businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to planning their marketing strategy. From social media to online campaigns, companies are adopting new and increasingly expensive ways to improve brand visibility, forgetting that some of the most effective marketing techniques can still be leveraged from traditional methods of advertising. Promotional products or branded items can provide an incredible option for small businesses and large enterprises alike. With the right promotional materials, you can enhance your offline and online marketing efforts with memorable, cost-effective promotional merchandise solutions for visibility.

The Benefits of Promotional Merchandise for Brand Visibility

Corporate merchandise can range all the way from something simple, like a basic ballpoint pen, to far more extravagant, or specialised branded items like camping equipment. The branded merchandise that you choose will vary according to your target audience, but all promotional materials help to develop a long-lasting impression for your company. While a social media advertisement can be forgotten about in a day, branded merchandise is far harder to ignore. Customers see your corporate merchandise every time they grab a pen, or open their calendar. On top of that, because your customers take your promotional products with them wherever they go, they actively advertise on your behalf. Every time someone sees your logo or company name on corporate merchandise- even from the corner of their eye, they become more familiar with your company.

Promotional printing helps you to develop your brand image, and create a relationship with your customers at a surprisingly low cost. Unlike expensive digital strategies, promotional products are an efficient way to expand your marketing. After all, you're constantly building a positive bond with your audience based on the fact that you've given them something of value - for free! Research suggests that promotional items makes almost six times as many people feel valued, compared to other marketing mediums like web and print. Because your items are useful, and high quality, your customer comes back to them time and time again. That means that they're constantly reminded of the benefits of working with your company.

Promotional Items and the Different Ways You Can Use Them

There are plenty of fantastic ways to use promotional merchandise in your strategies for brand visibility. When you hear the term "branded merchandise", the chances are that you'll envision things like mugs, balloons, and pens, but the truth is the options are practically endless. Thanks to expert promotional printing, you can pick out the corporate merchandise that's most likely to appeal to your target market.

For instance, if your business is all about practicality, you could consider everyday practical promotional materials like:

• Pens
• Water bottles
• Wristbands
• Backpacks

When your customers use these items - often in public, they'll draw attention to your brand, expand company reach, and increase awareness of your business. Alternatively, you could consider fun and exciting promotional items that are designed to spur a conversation, and give them away during events and conferences when you most want to make a lasting impact. After all, if you visit an event where everyone is giving away free pens, and you offer customers a free mini-speaker, you're sure to stand out. There are even promotional products like computer accessories, calculators and calendars, that your intended audience will see every day. The more they view your branded items, the more likely they are to remember you when they're ready to buy.

Promotional Products: Quality is Key

No matter how you use your promotional merchandise, it's important to remember that the best branded items always put quality first. The aim of using promotional items should be to remind your customers of the underlying value of your company, so you can't afford to invest in anything less than the best promotional printing solutions. At HelloPrint, we use high-quality promotional printing to display your logo and company name where it will have the best impact for your business. From top-of-the-range branded merchandise like pens and calculators, to fun and exciting promotional materials that help your business stand out from the crowd, we'll ensure that you always make the right impression on your customers.